How to prank friends and family on April 1: a selection of the best jokes and pranks

Fool’s Day or Laughter Day is an international holiday celebrated all over the world on April 1; self-isolation is not an excuse to give up jokes and laughter, at home you can play fun with your family, and on the phone – friends and acquaintances.

A sense of humor and fantasy today can be shown in all its glory. A selection of will help you find the right idea for your drawing.

Drawing: years are no problem

Now there are many mobile applications in which it is possible to age or rejuvenate a person for some years. Try to process so one of the favorite photos of someone from the household. For example, what stands in a frame on his desk. What will be his surprise if in his apartment and in his favorite sweater on the photo a person sees “some grandfather,” or vice versa, a schoolboy.

Drawing: a tainted laptop

You need to take a piece of glass, soap, PVA glue and a stationery knife. On carefully washed glass, pour the glue into the shape of a plausible stain. When it dries, carefully cut off the glue with a knife. Now you have a portable milk stain for jokes. You can sneak it on someone’s laptop keyboard at home or at work.

Drawing: unclean soap

Try to paint the soap with a colorless varnish, let it dry and return it to its usual place in the soap tray. Anyone who tries to wash their hands with it will be surprised.


Drawing: a strange operator

Call a friend and say in a monotonous voice: “Hello! You called the service center! To press one, press one. To press two, press two. To press three, press three…”, and so on.

You can also pretend to be a mobile operator and, for example, after a normal offer to change the tariff to sing a verse of a funny song.

Drawing: friend’s help

It is better to start it early in the morning before a person gets out of bed. Call a friend and tell him that you were going to work, but the car broke down. You’re not far away, so couldn’t a friend bring you a bucket of water for repair? Most people in a sleepy state will start to collect water, but soon they will wonder what the connection between the repair and the bucket of water is, and will call back to clarify it. It’s up to you to decide: confess at once, or wait until a friend with a bucket comes out to the entrance and without seeing anyone there, calls you.


Drawing: a saucepan with a surprise

In a pot of water is poured, closed from above a sheet of paper, turned upside down, put on the table, the paper is pulled out. Water does not flow out. One of the family members sees the stirring pot and lifts with a clear result. However, if you sloppyly perform a trick and the water still runs out, it will not be you who laughs, but you.


Drawing: a strange beverage

Replace the Coca-Cola with soy sauce and offer it to the household. Tip: it will be most convenient to work with small bottles with plastic caps. Instead of soy sauce, you can pour chilled black tea.


Drawing: salted sugar

Replace it until no one sees the contents of the sugar bowl: instead of sugar, sprinkle it with salt. And offer the household to drink tea. Tea drinking will certainly be unusual.

Drawing: telekinesis at lunchtime

At family dinner, put a small flat magnet under the tablecloth for one of the family members. And on the tablecloth, as it should be, cutlery. It will be funny when a person tries to take a spoon/fork/knife. But before the drawing, check if the cutlery is magnetic.


Drawing: all-seeing fridge

Another cute joke is “live refrigerator”. At night glue the food with toy eyes. Someone will have a surprise in the morning…