How to prevent the accumulation of stress

Our whole life is a series of stresses and the body’s responses to them. Muscle activity, digestion, and brain function all occur through various stimuli. For example, when we eat, our digestive system is irritated (although unmet hunger is even more stressful for the body). This is a constructive, beneficial process and its effect on the body is positive.

But along with positive stress, there is negative stress. Accumulating, such stress is extremely harmful to the body and psyche, it poisons your life and spoils your mood.

Problems in the family, trouble at work, difficulties in communicating with co-workers, money problems… – all this causes us irritation. And often these problems and layered one on top of another. The result is dissatisfaction, anxiety, fatigue, dissatisfaction with oneself and others, i.e. the result of chronic stress on the body. To cope with the negative effects of stress, a person must know how to cope with it.

How to cope with such a state? First of all, do not accumulate negative emotions, but immediately react to them – “blow off steam”. The easiest way to do this is with the help of motor exercises known to us since childhood, the most basic, accessible and time-consuming, but very effective.

These are squats, push-ups, bends, twists and more.

A very simple and convenient way to relieve situational stress and calm the nerves is to squat 50 times, or do 50 push-ups, preferably in the fresh air. Besides, it’s much healthier and more natural for the body than smoking a cigarette.

So the negative energy (anger, irritation, anger) is directed to the constructive direction and is used immediately, and not accumulated, does not destroy the body and does not spoil the mood. In addition, the cardiovascular system begins to work more actively, the blood better supplies all internal organs, and the brain nutrition improves. It turns out that such short-term exercises also stimulate the mental activity necessary for the resolution of the stressful situation.

This way of removing negativity is the most optimal for the organism and should become habitual as opposed to relaxation with the help of alcohol, nicotine and empty worries.

And of course we must remember that everything in a man is interconnected and his physiological state is not separable from his psychological one. Today many means of relaxation are available – aromatherapy, audio recordings with the sounds of nature, water noise, birdsong, relaxing music, etc. – Everyone can choose something to his or her own taste. It is very important to always have at hand something that helps you to arrange your psychological state. And also, we must remember that harmony needs external comfort, such as colors surrounding you at work and at home.

Such a small thing as the color of the walls or furniture can daily poison life, irritate, drain energy. The ability to organize space, to create harmony and beauty around yourself is very important. You can cope with chronic stress with the help of physical exercise. And not doing professional sports, loads that border on the pathological, prohibitive, but physical culture, aimed at health.

The man is so built, that he needs to move all the time. Our body has over 600 muscles, and each of them is given to us by nature for something. They need to work, so all the time you need to move, to give a small, adequate physiological stress to your body. Of course, you can find lots of excuses for passivity – lack of time (work, family, children – what kind of movement, so the whole day as a squirrel in a wheel), in fact, there is always time, it just needs to be skillfully organized and allocated.

Waking up in the morning, while still in bed, slowly, with pleasure (like a cat) – stretch, flex, feel every muscle, every joint, all the ligaments. It does not take more than a minute, and the body has time to wake up from sleep and prepare itself for the new day.

You can also do press exercises without getting up – 30-100 times straight leg raises – spine stretching, back muscles tense, abdominal muscles train and it all will take you minimum time.

Once you get up, be sure to drink a glass of clean, filtered water to cleanse your bowels. Use the time it takes to sluggishly wander around the apartment to do some basic exercise – bending over, squatting. You can jump around to shake your bowels or run on the spot.

The main thing is to do all the movements without straining, without emphasizing that it is an exercise.

While washing, linger for a minute to stretch your neck muscles, turning your head from right to left (the main thing is not to make circular turns – this is very harmful) and straining them from the front, so that there is no second chin.

Such a regimen of small exercises will allow you to live with everything in time and at the same time maintain a great physical shape.

You can train your body in transport as well, actively using the time that is usually wasted. You can work out all the muscle groups. In the subway or on the bus, holding the handrail, tense the arm muscles, changing the position of the hand grip. Tense abs and buttocks. All these movements are light, inconspicuous under clothing. Self-massage of hands is very useful as an activation of important energy points throughout the body.

Over time, you can develop your own system of exercises for travel in transport or in the car (for example, straining the muscles of the hands lying on the steering wheel, the abs).

After living in this mode for just a couple of days, your body, as if awakened from years of sleep, will begin to ask for loads. They will become as necessary to it as air and food.

To maintain and develop a good physical form you need to exercise for at least an hour a day. At the same time you should skillfully alternate the adequate loads:

endurance (running, swimming, athletic walking),

strength and stretching, stretching (training of muscles and ligaments).

At the beginning of this “way to yourself”, it is important not to overload, listen to your needs and gradually shape your body.

You have to remember to rest as well. Sleep is not compensated by anything. You have to get enough sleep, no matter what the circumstances are. And if you’re tired, you should sleep as much as you want. It will be optimal if in the middle of the day you will find 15-20 minutes to relax and take a nap. Then the whole second half of the day will pass at the same energy level as the first, and the fatigue and stress will leave before they accumulate.

The main law – always and in everything you should strive to be as close to nature as possible, listen to and love yourself and your body. Then it will get rid of negative energy in time and regulate its activity, protecting us from stress and overload, giving us the joy of movement and strength.