How to prolong the life of technology: 8 easy ways

Simple tips will help keep gadgets running for several years

Sometimes it happens that the equipment breaks down at a very inconvenient moment. Your smartphone may stop working just when you’re waiting for an important call, and your tablet may stop working when you need a report to present today.

Simple and effective tips to help extend the life of your equipment.

Laptop and dust

Dust quickly accumulates inside the laptop, which can stop it from working. Once every six months, clean the gadget to avoid overheating and costly repairs.

Phone charging limit

On average, smartphones are designed for 500 charging cycles. If you want to extend the life of your smartphone, then put it on charge at 10-20% charge, and do not wait for the device to turn off.

Monitor care

Home appliance stores have many accessories for the care of monitors. So do not experiment, it is better to buy special tools.

Thunderstorm risks

If there is a thunderstorm outside, it is better not to use gadgets at home. Prefer a book. It is better to unplug electronic devices.

Laptop ventilation

The vents in the laptop must be open and have access to air, otherwise overheating may occur. This, in turn, will cause a breakdown. If you use a laptop in bed, then use a special stand.

Influence of temperature on a smartphone

The lithium-ion battery in the smartphone quickly discharges at low temperatures. This turns off the smartphone. Charging the battery is quite simple – bring the phone to a warm room.

Order in the bag

We do not think about unnecessary things in the bag when we put a smartphone in it. Because of this, extra items can scratch the display or get into the ports of your gadget.


There are many options for chargers for smartphones, laptops or tablets. Of course, the originals are more expensive than counterfeits. However, do not forget that they are best for your device.