How to properly freeze food: 5 life hacks

Freezing is a versatile way to keep food fresh. Not only can you freeze berries and vegetables, but also side dishes, desserts, and baked goods. The Challenger tells you how to do it right and shares some tips and tricks.

Almost all Russian families are used to freezing berries and seasonal vegetables in the summer to eat throughout the winter. However, even during the year there is a need to preserve food: you have not calculated and cooked too many dishes, you bought more bread than necessary, and it can get stale. In all these cases, the freezer comes to the rescue. How to freeze food correctly so that it remains tasty and healthy after defrosting?

  1. Use zip-tops and containers

Suitable bags and containers with lids are sold, for example, in IKEA. They’re great for storing chopped herbs, berries, slices of bread (yes, you can freeze that too!), and other “single” foods. The bags won’t take up much space in the kitchen cabinet.

Casseroles are easy to freeze (yes, and cook) in aluminum molds. Containers are ideal for storing cooked side dishes and soups. By the way, no one cancelled the freezers in the office – it is very convenient to bring a few containers of lunch to work and defrost as needed.

2. Use stickers

Put a sticker on each package that tells you what’s inside. This makes it easy to find the right food in the freezer. Consider the method they use for labeling airline meals: different colored stickers for different types of food.

3: Wash the food beforehand

Food should be as ready to eat as possible when you defrost it. So don’t freeze unwashed vegetables or berries right off the counter. Rinse, wash, dry, and only then freeze them.

4. Refrigerate the food before freezing

Before putting food in the freezer, put it in the refrigerator for a while. This will keep the texture of the food unchanged.

5. Experiment

You can freeze almost anything: hard cheese, mushrooms, cream, baked goods and desserts… Milk is easiest to pour into ice molds and then add milk cubes to coffee or tea. Baked goods and desserts will retain their flavor if you pack them in an airtight bag.

Here is a video in which blogger Ellina Daly explains what food waste is and how to save more than two thousand euros a year by simply finishing everything in the fridge. In the video she shares inspiring tips on how to use all the food you have at home for cooking.

What not to freeze

Some foods and dishes will lose their taste and appearance if they are frozen:

cucumbers, tomatoes;

apples, citrus fruits;


yogurt, soft cheeses;


cooked pasta.