How to properly rest to recuperate

If you found this article, you obviously want to understand how to rest properly after work to recover or how to spend time competently on vacation so as not to get tired.

An interesting point is that the day on vacation begins much earlier than on weekdays. Why does this happen? It’s simple: breakfast in hotels begins at 7 o’clock and lasts about an hour and a half, so even on vacation I woke up early.

I would like to tell you about how my usual day on vacation went. So, what is the right way to rest in order to recover?

Waking up fairly early, I almost immediately went in search of Wi-Fi in the corridor or on the stairs.

In Europe, the Internet is extremely unprofitable: for 1 GB you can pay about 10 euros, and in Russia for the same money you can get unlimited access to social networks.

After gaining access to the Net, I solved my day-to-day issues, discussed problems and plans for the day with my business assistant Tatiana. After that, I could afford another couple of hours of sleep. It should be noted that when you wake up at 11 am, you feel VERY well – this is where the real rest begins.

After resting, we went for a walk and sightseeing (20 km a day – some fitness). During the day we could go back to the room to rest, and in the evening we went out for a walk again.

By the way, Rome at night is not a pleasant picture. The city is quite dirty, by evening marginal personalities start to appear in the streets, and the air is filled with a disgusting smell.

Yes, these excursions were interesting, but still a little exhausting, so today we decided to deviate from the standard plan and devote a day just to rest. We were lying in a hotel and I started to argue about what for me the ideal vacation. So what is the right way to rest in order to recuperate?

At first I decided that the best rest is active. As for me, the more movement, the more emotions, impressions. But this approach is very exhausting both emotionally and physically. That is, in fact, when you spend your time actively, you are not resting, but simply spending resources on getting new sensations.

So I derived my “formula” for an ideal vacation, which should be divided into three parts:

The active part consists of extreme or tumultuous emotions (flying in a helicopter, attractions, diving). A good shake-up clears the mind and is memorable for a long time.

The passive part comes when you just get new information and enjoy it (excursions, walks, the beach).

A vacation for vacation’s sake is a day of your rest and immersion in your thoughts. You don’t get new emotions and memories, you just tidy up all your thoughts. By the way, some interesting thought may be born as a result.

Ways I’ve proven to restore strength

Now I’m going to tell you how to rest in order to recuperate. Here you will see the coolest ways against fatigue after a hard day or during vacation. With them, you’ll feel a burst of energy in as little as a week. Let’s get started.


Perhaps the most well-known method of recuperation during rest and after a day’s work is meditation. What are its advantages? Well, meditation can be done anywhere. I’ve even heard of the practice in the bathroom stalls in the office. And it’s totally normal and even beneficial.

Meditation can be done in any position: standing, lying down, sitting in a normal posture, or cross-legged. The main thing is to concentrate and not to think about anything. Try to relax and watch your breathing, concentrate only on it. In the end you will first get relaxation and then a rush of vivacity. Most importantly, your thoughts will fall into place. Particularly helpful:

When you’ve had a rough day at work;

When you’ve had an argument with someone and can say too much;

When you haven’t been able to rest on the weekend.


Here spiritual relaxation is accompanied by physical tension. Yoga helps to abstract away from the outside world and go into yourself, as well as to stretch well (especially true for men, we can be those iron men). However, you need to know how to breathe correctly. To do this you need to:

Connect all kinds of breathing: abdominal, clavicular, thoracic.

Learn to “breathe belly breathing”: inhaling, we inflate the abdomen, leaving the chest immobile, exhaling again draw it in.

Breathe slowly and deeply, but maintain a rhythm.

Special exercises

These exercises will help you to rest and recover properly.

First exercise: you do it between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. Preferably in the afternoon. As soon as you have eaten, start taking just 100 deep breaths and exhalations with your abdomen. It is important to observe this breathing every day.

Second exercise: for at least 3 hours a week do not demand anything from yourself. Just relax, do something casual. Do not think about what you have to do tomorrow. Such an exercise can be done in the fitness room or lying in the bathtub or just watching a movie.

We demand so much from ourselves: to develop, to exercise, to be effective, to do everything at once, not to lose productivity. And we don’t notice how we lose our energy.

Just give yourself a break in these moments. Only then can you regain your strength.

I think if you objectively assess their strength and competently plan the time, rest will truly rest and body and soul.

P.S. Next time I will tell you about the results of his “vacation on vacation. Spoiler: there will be an important insight about work.