How to properly shave

Absolutely every representative of the stronger sex faces the problem of daily shaving. And every second is afraid and postpones this action to the last. Why is it so? All because of the small baggage of knowledge, which leads to irritation, cuts, missed areas with hair and, consequently, unpresentable appearance and spoiled mood.

According to surveys, only a young guy who has his first fuzz looks forward to the process of removing it. After all, it makes him more mature and manly. It’s good if there’s an adult around to teach the guy the complicated technique and explain every nuance. But, in most cases, teenagers do not ask for help and the long-awaited ritual ends in failure.

Unfortunately, many men’s technique is comparable to their first bad experience. Not everyone wants to go deeper, and ends up turning a five-minute procedure into torture.

In this article, we will get acquainted with the basic principles that will lead you to a perfectly shaved skin and daily enjoyment.

How to choose a tool?

What can’t any shave do without? That’s right, a razor! But you can’t just walk into any store and buy a razor (and the price doesn’t matter). Here are a few tips to help make your choice a little easier.

If your hairs are soft and sparse, get a disposable razor. It’s not expensive, and effective in this case.

If your bristles are hard, then get a modern razor with multiple blades and moisturizing strips. Such a razor will make the process easier, faster, and won’t damage your skin.

Don’t buy a dangerous razor! Only experienced people or masters of their craft, confident in their movements, can use it, not for nothing it is called a dangerous razor. Change the angle slightly in relation to the treated area, and the cut is guaranteed. The same applies to the T-machine. If you want to try it in action, visit, barbershop, which has a separate service.

How to properly shave?

One of the cardinal rules many guys neglect is to shave in the direction of hair growth. How do you know the direction, you might ask? It’s quite simple: don’t shave for a couple of days to let the stubble grow a bit. Look closely at your reflection and examine every part of your face and neck. You may notice that the hair grows in different directions. To be more confident, run a finger down your cheek, if you feel resistance, then you are moving against the growth. Make a mental (and maybe even sketch on paper) mapping of the vegetation. This will make the procedure much easier later on.

Remember! If you shave against the growth of hair, expect the appearance of pimples, redness, itching. To understand the problem, let’s explain. On the face hair grows much faster than the rest of the body, respectively, shaved to the root stubble – the surface becomes very smooth (for 5 minutes). But because of the rapid regrowth, the hairs are trying to break through, it does not work, and the inflammatory process begins. Agree, this is not necessary for anyone.

The main thing is not to try to remove the bristles completely. Remember, the main thing is not to remove the hairs, but to shorten them.

Preparation is the most important stage

Most men skip this stage, believing that just applying the foam is enough. This is not the case.

The ideal – take a hot shower and steam. The pores will open and secure the procedure. If you don’t have time, wash well, not forgetting your neck, using moisturizing soap and warm water. Prepare specialized cleansers rather than using a regular shower cream, which will give you extra dryness. Moisturizing is not a fad, but taking care of you.

Use auxiliary products. Foams and gels are not a marketing ploy, but really make things easier. Pay attention to the line for sensitive skin. They can create a film on your skin and make shaving easier and safer. Avoid cutting corners, as the extra chemicals in your formula can only worsen the condition.

If you can’t shave difficult areas (the Adam’s apple, the corners of the lips), re-foam them. Do not shave dry. By the way the gels are much more economical than foam, and do not cost much more.

Follow a strict plan

Start with the cheeks, moving to the chin and mustache, and only then move on to the neck. Take your time, as you might miss a badly visible part or damage your body. Keep in mind our advice, and you’ll avoid irritation.

Don’t Squeeze! For some reason, everyone thinks that the harder you push, the better the quality will be. This is misleading, as modern razors are designed specifically for the relief of the man’s face. And if you push, the work of the tool will deteriorate. Once you realized that he can not cope with its task – then you should buy a new one.

It is also not necessary to spend several times in a row on the same place. Especially if you use a machine with 3 to 5 blades, as this already amounts to several repetitions.

Rinse your blades thoroughly. This will improve the quality of your shave and not ruin them. Rinsing should be done under cold water.

Stretch the skin in hard-to-reach areas. The neck and Adam’s apple area are very difficult and uncomfortable to shave. Tilt your head at a certain angle, and the view will be much wider and the process will go easier.

Wash and don’t forget to use lotion. After the manipulation is finished, wash thoroughly, look around for any untouched parts and then apply a soothing lotion. Then rinse again to clog the pores and keep them free of dust and dirt. This can be a good idea, especially if you’re headed outdoors.

What do young people need to know?

What I want to say to all young people – do not rush, over the life of this activity you still have time to get bored. But when the fuzz (there’s no other way to call it) has already appeared and looks very unattractive, of course it’s better to get rid of it.

Everyone gets it at a different time, so don’t worry if your friends already have it. It’s just your time has not yet come.

Consult your father or older brother, who can show you the basics.

If no one to consult with, use the generally accepted rules and the above advice. Only in this case you can do without professional tools, and all because the hair is soft and easy to remove.

Don’t grow a mustache or a fancy beard right away. The stubble is not yet stiff and your mustache will look a little sloppy. Around adulthood you can start experimenting.

Basic Principles

You don’t have to spend a lot of money and buy a razor with n-many blades. You’ll be fine with disposable razors.

Get a special cream-gel.

Also, make sure you have a good softener.

Get your beard and tell it right!

It’s a very common situation when a guy has been growing a beard for a long time, following the latest fashion trends, but over time he got tired of it and it needs to be removed. How to do it?

First, make sure that you want to remove it completely. How about just tidying it up? If you are inclined to this option, it is better to contact a barbershop. There you will pick up a suitable shape, remove the excess with electric machines, and treat with special oils for care. Thus, you will become not just bearded, but attractive, stylish and brutal. After a few visits you will be able to take care of your beard at home.

It’s not enough to just grow it out, it’s important to know exactly what shape suits your facial oval. And not every hair growth structure is suitable for growing it out. For these questions you can also be consulted in a specialized barbershop.

If, however, you intend to remove the beard completely, a regular electric razor will not help you. Remove the excess length with a trimmer or a machine, and then shave off the remaining short hair with a regular razor, using the recommendations described above. Your face should be well moisturized after shaving, as it has been hidden and neglected for many months.

Whatever you choose, beard or perfect smoothness, follow the basic rules of care. Turn your daily torment into a pleasurable ritual and just have fun. Remember, beauty requires sacrifice, and for men it’s not the exception, but rather the rule. And if you’re the type of person who observes all the subtleties and enjoys the manipulation, then we can only applaud you.