How to properly stick a protective film on a smartphone without bubbles

Modern devices for all their power have one drawback – strength. An expensive device can break after the first contact with a hard surface, and a particularly fragile part of the phone is the display. That is why protective films are in demand on the market. Read this article to know how to glue it yourself without bubbles.

How to properly glue the protective film

The first thing to do before applying the film to the screen is to choose the right room. This means a place where there is no dust in the air that could get on the display. Bedroom with a bed does not fit this description. We recommend a bathroom or kitchen.

Once you have chosen the room where you will stick the film on the screen, you need to prepare the tools. You will need something to clean the surface of the display from dust – a special liquid, ordinary alcohol or something similar, a credit or plastic card, a microfiber napkin and stationery tape.

Using a liquid, degrease the screen and then wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove fine dust particles. After that, do not think of touching the display with your hands, or you will have to repeat everything first.

The final chord remains – to stick the film. The accessory should be placed on the screen, carefully adjusting the edges and carefully separating the protective layer from the sticky side. The latter should never be touched with the hands. Starting from the edge, glue the film to the display, assisting yourself with a pre-prepared card.

If, after you stick the film, bubbles appear under it, you can try to drive them from the center to the edge with the same credit card.

All. Now the phone’s display is protected by a special film.