How to quickly achieve results in any business?

Each of us has many plans, goals and dreams. But the gap between desire and reality is huge. All goals are too complicated, and dreams are impossible. How quickly to achieve results in any business? How to quickly achieve a goal? There are many reasons why we do not achieve the desired. Why can’t we get in shape and look beautiful? Why can’t we get on with our personal life?

Why can not quickly achieve the desired goals as we want? It’s the speed and activity of action. If you want to achieve something faster, you need to act faster. Much faster, stronger, more vigorous and more active than you are now. Not twice as fast, but 10-30 times as fast. Why does one usually hesitate? Reasons can be different. Fear of defeat, perfectionism, low self-esteem, laziness, inability to fight difficulties or another personality trait. How quickly can one achieve results in any case? How quickly to achieve results and goals?

“Life is short, speed is necessary to achieve what we want in the limited time we have.” Soichiro Honda Who is Soichiro Honda to follow his advice? Soichiro Honda is the founder of Honda Motor, an international company. Soichiro Honda grew up in the house of a village blacksmith. A self-taught mechanic began his journey to the company by installing low-power motors on bicycles. Now Honda Motor is the main Japanese motorcycle manufacturer and one of the top ten car manufacturers in the world. Are you dreaming of a sports figure? Practice not once a month, but three times a week. In training, you should put on 110%, not feel sorry for yourself. Do not eat healthy food twice a month, but every day. Have a good breakfast, but don’t eat before bed every day. Lead a more active life every day.

People who sluggishly try to do something never succeed. Do you want to make a personal life? Meet 2-5 girls a day, not a month. Do it on the street, on social networks or on dating sites. Go on 2 or 3 dates a week, minimum. The more you try, the sooner you can find a girl you like. Your attempts at privacy are too weak right now. At this rate, you’ll only find a girlfriend in your old age. Are you doing your job or defending a new specialty? Give it five times as much time as you do now. You learn a foreign language? Do it more often and more often. Do you put out YouTube clips once a week? Do it three times. Do you learn programming or are you doing something? Do as much as you can every day. It’s the only way to get to your dreams. When you plan to achieve results in any business as quickly as possible, you should really try, not just pretend. Give almost all your free time to the goals you want. No free time at all? Get rid of movies, TV series, news, social networks and other useless nonsense.

Tips for achieving goals “In my life I have made many mistakes. And the secret is, I’ve never made the same mistake twice.” Soichiro Hondu Divide the goal into stages and tasks. Do the most important things first. Don’t expect a good chance or good luck. You create the opportunities and then implement them. Set a clear deadline when everything has to be ready. Read more books and see more training materials useful for the case. Don’t support your naughty child inside who doesn’t want anything. Don’t expect inspiration for business. Just stay on schedule and stay disciplined. Find like-minded people and people who have similar dreams. Immerse yourself in your dreams and aim harder to live them. How fast can you get results in any business? How do you get results fast? You have to be faster than you are now. Much faster. If you move like a turtle, you’ll only reach your goal by 100 years. But if you increase your speed by an order of magnitude, it won’t keep you waiting long.