How to quickly relax and gain strength. Useful Tips

Many of us often complain of terrible fatigue and complete unwillingness to do anything. Work, home care, various experiences – all this leads to people’s loss of mood and inspiration for the upcoming tasks. But do you know how to properly rest and fight fatigue? There are several ways to rest and gain strength quickly, and journalists will share them with you. Useful tips.

First of all, at the end of a working day or week no more business issues should be thought of. Working hours are over and you have every right to rest. If you put yourself through too much stress, your brain and physical performance will be low. The main thing about relaxation tips is that for a good rest, first of all, you need to get rid of unpleasant thoughts.

Also, we advise you after a weekend at work to wake up slowly, do not wear a broken head in the kitchen or other domestic activities, and how to stretch, stretch joints, and then, lying down so 5-7 minutes, take a vertical position.

Both representatives of “physically active” professions and intellectuals need rest and recovery. To prevent mental and physical fatigue, it is important to perform some exercises.

For example, to rest quickly, you need to do exercises of the visual and vestibular senses. Such exercises are slow turns of the head in different directions, tilting of the head back and forth, circular turns of the body.

If you need rest while working, you can take a ten-minute break and remove eye fatigue. Clench your eyes for 5 seconds and then tear them off for the same number of seconds; look away (e.g. through a window) and then slowly move your eyes to the tip of your nose; make a few turns of your eyeballs right, left, up and down. Repeat these exercises 5-10 times. We also advise you to close your eyes and massage your eyelids, read more about this in the article “Face Massage. Advice from professionals”.

To quickly gain strength and increase lost performance, there are several simple and useful tips:

Wipe your neck and face with cold water;

take a contrast shower;

perform a self-massage of the head (stroke, rub and massage the scalp with your fingertips);

tidy up the workplace, it is often the mess that causes irritation and fatigue;

run for a few minutes on the spot;

listen to your favourite music or dance;

to relieve short-term stress, drop a couple drops of lavender or other essential oil on the palm of your hand and inhale the scent. You can smell coffee or citrus fruits for the same purpose. This kind of aromatherapy will make you acquire new powers;

Some foods also help you relax, such as chocolate, green tea, honey, mangoes and menthol chewing gum.

Sleep, leisurely walks in the city or the park and meditation help to relieve fatigue and increase energy levels, without any doubt.

Finally, note that for the prevention of hypodynamy and the inadmissibility of constant fatigue should switch from one type of work to another. If you have not already done so, we recommend you to do fitness, yoga, floating, qigong, go to the sauna, SPA or massage salon.