How to remove a riser: how to get rid of or hide a sudden erection

Sometimes a man’s joy, at the appearance of a hot girl, at kissing or embracing, can be too violent. Your one-eyed snake confuses the people around you, the beautiful sex, and yourself. A boner shows your powerful erection, as if hinting at depravity, preoccupation and viciousness, which is very embarrassing for everyone. How do you quickly get rid of a boner or conceal it so you don’t get into an awkward situation? This secret of hiding an erection has been passed down for generations, but did they forget to tell you? Then listen up.

Sometimes men are not bothered by weak erections when they see a girl or woman, but on the contrary too spontaneous, powerful and unexpected. A sudden male boner takes us by surprise quite often throughout life. It happens throughout the day when you are suddenly ready to fight and procreate with an adorable girl. Usually the first time it happens is in the morning, when you break out the “tent” or “tent” with a blanket. How do you get rid of your morning boner?

Usually it doesn’t make sense, because you can just crumple up the blanket in bed or lie down a little differently to hide the power of an erection. Why does your penis erect in the morning or at night? The reasons for nocturnal erections are not exactly known. You could be dreaming about a naked hottie, a testosterone spike, wanting to go to the bathroom, or just rubbing the sheets.

In the afternoon and evening, the penis can also come into action. This happens because you might have thought about sex, noticed the hot bulges of a stranger, or touched a seductive girl. Often a boner appears for no reason, being an outrage to women’s tranquility in the immediate area. How do you remove a boner at an inopportune moment for a teenager or an adult male?

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Disadvantages of a sudden male boner

How to hide a boner or get rid of an unwanted erection?

  1. Hold your breath so that the erection subsides
  2. How to hide a riser and remove an erection?
  3. Straighten your penis through your pocket
  4. Tuck the penis by the strap
  5. Tighten your muscles to keep blood away from your penis
  6. Change the position of the body, hiding your boyfriend
  7. Cover up with something and block the riser
  8. Take the viewer’s attention away from the penis
  9. Get out of sight
  10. Chill your hot friend
  11. Tie your shoes
  12. Hurt yourself to distract yourself.

What if your boner gets noticed?

The disadvantages of a sudden male boner

How does the fair sex feel about a sudden boner? Mature women will treat a sudden male erection with understanding, a smile and some hope, while young girls may blush and sometimes be offended. Sometimes a standing penis is perceived by the girls around them as a desire to fuck everyone around them, even if they had nothing to do with the arousal. You may be walking with a girl, kissing, cuddling, or just talking, as a treacherous boner appears, which dramatically changes your image. It immediately gives away your thoughts, desires and vicious fantasies. The girl begins to think of you as a horny sex male, especially if you haven’t known her very long. You only want one thing from her, pervert!

Often a sudden erection appears in transportation when you’re bored or not so accidentally rubbing up against a pretty girl’s butt on the bus. Sometimes the penis suddenly erects at work, at school, or at a speech in front of an audience. A sudden erection can overtake a man in any public place and in any environment. Needless to say, your boner angered everyone around you, especially sensitive young ladies. So you can become a victim of ridicule or get into an ambiguous situation in which you would not want to be. How to remove a boner at an inopportune moment urgently and discreetly?

How do you hide a boner or get rid of an unwanted erection?

It’s not always your battle buddy by the time and place. How do you get rid of and hide a man’s boner when it catches you and those around you off guard? How do guys usually hide a boner or remove an erection in such a sensitive situation? There are male tricks you need to know. Usually these secrets are passed down from generation to generation, but did your ancestors forget to tell you? Then read on and remember how to tame your wily serpent.

  1. Hold your breath so your erection goes down

How do you get rid of a hard-on reliably and guaranteed in just a few seconds? One of the best answers on how to get rid of a boner is to imperceptibly hold your breath. Your body will notice the lack of oxygen levels in your body and send all the blood to your brain. It will just leave your penis, thereby removing the unwanted erection.

  1. How to Hide a Hard-on and Remove an Erection?

How do you take away a boner by using various mental tricky smart tricks? Focus your brain’s efforts on distracting yourself and thinking about something else. When you have thoughts in your head that are far removed from sex and the excitement of your companion, your erection will go down on its own. Think about work, business, parents, loved ones, friends. Think of some funny joke or story that will distract you. Think about something sad: your credit, your wallet, an ex-girlfriend (if she’s not too hot). Think about something weird: space, ghosts, spiders, clowns. Imagine an ugly woman, a stripped-down old woman, a fat broad, saggy boobs, a nasty chick. All of these points will get rid of a boner pretty quickly. Especially the last item, which will cause conflicting emotions, although some people are only turned on by it.

  1. Correct your penis through your pocket

Men have their own tricks, it’s like scratching your balls through your pocket or correcting a penis that’s not positioned the way you’d like it to be. Put your hands in your pocket and then in a familiar motion, press your penis against your body to make it less visible. Try not to look like you’re playing in someone else’s company with your buddy.

  1. Tuck your penis behind your belt

How else do men hide their penis that’s up at the wrong time? The belt! How does a belt help you hide a boner? Tuck your penis behind your belt at the top, which will hide it well from prying women’s eyes and press it against your body. But try not to do it in public, but rather stand somewhere to the side or to the bathroom. Make sure the head of your penis isn’t sticking out on top of your belt, which is sure to be embarrassing.

  1. Tense your muscles to draw blood away from your penis

How to remove a boner using the blood reaction? An erect penis requires blood. Loosely tense the muscles in your biceps, abs, arms, or legs. The blood will rush to where the muscles are working and the boner will drop. You can clench your fist with all your might to take away the erection.

  1. Change your body position by hiding your buddy

How do you hide what’s going on underneath you that’s not meant for prying eyes? You can change your body position so that the folds of your pants or jacket hide your naughty boner. You can see an erection best in profile. So it is better to stand facing the interlocutor, not sideways, so that the treacherous bump was not visible. When sitting, you can put your foot behind your leg to hide the spontaneous boner.

  1. Cover yourself with something and block your boner

[…] It could be a newspaper, a magazine, a bag, a clipboard. You can use clothes, covering your erection with a jacket, jacket, sweater. Sometimes you can cover a standing penis with a chair or table while standing next to them. That way you can hide your erection from prying eyes.

  1. Distract the audience’s attention from your penis

You suddenly have a hard-on and you don’t know how to hide that fact from those around you? Try to attract something out of the way so that everyone’s eyes are turned away from your fly. What a beautiful sunset! Look at that funny passerby! That cloud looks like a cobra!

As long as everyone is watching, you’ll be safe. You can retreat to an unknown direction at this point to tame your snake or cobra.

  1. Hide out of sight

How do you hide your boner safely and quickly? Hide your penis boner with you. Retreat to the bathroom to go to the bathroom there than remove the erection. The boner can be hidden if you go for a walk or get some fresh air. You can pretend you need to make an urgent phone call and go out for a walk. Even a short walk will draw blood from your penis to your legs, which will get rid of the boner.

  1. Cool down your heated friend

How to hide a boner dramatically? Put something cold on your penis, it can be ice or a cold bottle of something. But make sure you don’t leave wet marks from the cold objects.

  1. Tie your shoes

You can bend over and start tying your shoes, lacing one and the other. This will allow you to hide the erect problem for a while. You can curl your legs at this point, which often helps with a sudden boner.

  1. Give yourself a painful distraction

How to remove a hard-on urgently? You can gently bite your tongue, pinch your leg, squeeze your fingers tightly, dig your fingernails into yourself. The pain will shock you a little and distract you from your erection, which will take away the unwanted boner.

What to do if your boner is noticed?

Sometimes it happens that people around you notice your boner in your pants. In such a situation, you can joke, smile guiltily, or refer to the stunningness of your companion. Girls usually smile tolerantly and mysteriously when they see an erect penis. She’s clearly not stupid and understands that her thrilling charms have caused this boner.

What to say when you have a boner and a girl notices it? You can turn everything into a joke, or you can try to get arousal back from the girl by making a dirty joke. A girl can help you get an erection if you’re attractive and desirable enough for her. A couple of funny phrases you can even use to get a girl into bed and seduce her. Girls love spoiled bad boys.

I think that’s the most honest compliment I can give you. Stirlitz has never been so close to failure. I’m sorry, but I must placate my friend, whom I plan to introduce you to a little later. I’m sorry, but I really like you, although I think you and everyone around you has noticed that. I’m just very happy to see you. I have a gun in my pocket/home keys/phone. (And then just wink) Sorry, I’m very determined today. I can’t look at you, because you’re very hot and appetizing. Oh no, I have to hide it somewhere. Can you help? How else can you get rid of a boner or hide an unwanted erection?

On the other hand, the phrase “unwanted erection” is pretty silly. An erection is always good, even if it doesn’t come at the most inopportune moment. Rejoice in the small pleasurable little things in life and ignore the detractors. How to hide a boner? Why hide what’s natural and good? If a girl likes you, then with a sudden erection and boner will like you even more. That’s the sincerest compliment you can get from a man. Don’t be ashamed of the fact that you are a real male and a man full of health.