How to roll up your shirt sleeves – an easy way to style up your look

The classics are relevant and appropriate at any time, especially pay attention to this style in men’s clothing. However, sometimes there are situations when you want to abandon the restrained image. If you are not ready for serious experiments, take your favorite shirt as a basis and give it a little frivolity and boldness. What does it take? To know how to roll up the sleeves on your shirt.


1 How best to roll up the sleeves on a shirt and why do it 1.1 Why roll up the sleeves on shirts
2 How beautiful to roll up the sleeves on a shirt – from theory to practice
2.1 How to properly roll up the sleeves of a shirt – the five most popular methods
2.1.1 Option 1 – classic
2.1.2 Option 2 – three quarters
2.1.3 Option 3 – Italian
2.1.4 Method 5 – How to Roll Up the Sleeve on a Button Down Shirt 2.1.5 Method 6 – Elegant
3 What stylists recommend
4 What to wear with a rolled-up shirt
5 A few practical tips
6 Accentuate your look with one simple yet stylish piece

How to Roll Up Sleeves on a Shirt and Why To Do It

If you learn how to roll up sleeves on a men’s shirt, you can easily transform a strict element of clothing into a stylish casual closet item. Only at first glance, it seems that it is not difficult to roll up the sleeves of the shirt beautifully, but one wrong movement and instead of stylish folding you will get inconvenient rolls. Let’s see how you can roll up the sleeves on your shirt so that the image turns out to be moderately laconic, with a slight touch of sexuality. Why roll up the sleeves on the shirt Practical necessity. If you need to do the work with your hands, it is better to take care of the cleanliness of your clothes. Hot weather. Some companies have a strict dress code, according to which even in summer you should wear a long-sleeved shirt. In this case, you can roll up the sleeves and ensure the flow of air to the body. However, the question – how to roll up the sleeves on a shirt with cufflinks – is more theoretical, because according to the norms of business dress code it is not accepted to do it. The image element. From the point of view of psychology, rolled up shirt sleeves demonstrate self-confidence, control over the situation. How beautiful it is to roll up sleeves on a shirt – from theory to practice There are a lot of ways to roll up sleeves, but we chose the simplest and fastest. So, let’s remember the movie “Roll up your sleeves in 60 seconds” and learn how to transform your shirt sleeves in 60 seconds. Before starting the practice, a few recommendations from experts: the minimum distance from the brush to the edge of the sleeve – 10 cm; roll up the sleeves is allowed only in an informal atmosphere or if you work in a company where the appearance of employees does not care about the management; roll up only the sleeves of the shirt, but the sleeves of the blazer or jacket is better left alone.

How to properly flip the sleeves on a shirt – the five most popular methods Of course, you can go the easy way and, not thinking long, roll up the sleeve with a tube or roller. But think – is it included in your plans to crumple your shirt? Absolutely not. It does not look aesthetic and spoils the appearance of the thing. It turns out that you can easily roll up the sleeve so that it is as easy as possible to return the shirt to its original appearance. Does it sound tempting? In that case, let’s figure out how to roll up the sleeves on your shirt properly.

Option 1 – classic

This is the easiest way. Open the cuff, make a lapel outside the width of the cuff, now another three or four times wrap the sleeve. Slightly smooth the fabric along the bend line. In this way, you will get a wrinkled cuff.

Option 2 – three quarters

This method is completely similar to the first one with the only difference – the sleeve should be turned not three or four times, but only two.

Option 3 – Italian

On the question – how to twist the sleeves on the shirt in Italian – let’s dwell on it in detail. This very method looks stylish, as if you are not a man, but a confident gangster. This method is also interesting because it allows you to adjust the cuff. The algorithm is as follows: unbutton the cuffs; lift the cuff to the desired height; stretch the sleeve; wrap the rest of the sleeve to the cuff, but so that its edge remains visible. Two conditions to fulfill the Italian trick: you must undo all buttons on the sleeves and you will need a shirt with a colorful, contrasting side of the cuffs. To return the shirt to the original version is very easy – it is enough to pull the cuff down. By the way, this method is perfect for more refined and elegant women’s shirts. Of course, for blouses made of thin fabrics it will not fit, and there is no need to roll up the sleeves on light, summer clothes. But on thicker fabrics, such an elegant way will look very stylish. Accordingly, the question – how to roll up sleeves on a denim shirt – is relevant for men and women. For more information on how to roll up sleeves on a shirt, see the photo.

Method 5 – how to roll up sleeves on a buttoned shirt

In this case the answer is hidden directly in the method name. You need to twist the sleeve in the classic way and fix it with a button. The main thing in this method is not to roll up the sleeve with a roller. However, stylists believe that for everyday use this method is outdated.

Method 6 – elegant

This method can also be called the most unusual. If you follow the fashion trends and like to be in the spotlight, follow this advice – twist the sleeve so as to expose the cuff. This method is suitable for both men and women.

What do stylists recommend

If you believe that the turned sleeve symbolizes freedom of spirit and informal style, you are absolutely right. But if you think that there are no rules in such a minor detail as a flip-flop sleeve, you’re wrong. The main danger is that a minor mistake will make you look as if you finished work in the garage five minutes ago. So, the recommendations of stylists will help to avoid mistakes: regardless of the chosen method, model and fabric of the shirt, the distance between the flap and the brush should be at least 10 cm, otherwise the shirt will look several sizes smaller visually; you can flip the sleeves only on a carefully ironed shirt, if you try to do the same on things that are already dressed, the reputation of a stylish, well-groomed man will be lost; do not flip up the sleeves of jackets, jackets, and blazers; when flipping up the sleeves of a shirt, make sure that there are no folds; after each flap of fabric, smooth it out; the optimal length of the flap is a little above the elbow bend line, the shirt should be wrapped up to the shoulder in exceptional cases when you need to do some work; careless twisting should be taken only with dense fabric shirts. What to wear the shirt with the sleeves twisted Sleeves of the shirt require certain stylistics and careful selection of other details of the image. If we are talking about a classic shirt, you can wear it even with lapels only with classic pants. If the image is more informal, it is acceptable to supplement the shirt with pants without arrows. However, if you are a rebel in spirit and like daring experiments, read the article on how to wear a shirt with jeans for a man. Important! It is strictly forbidden to wear a shirt with rolled up sleeves together with shorts. This image looks inappropriate in any situation and setting. It is allowed to roll up the sleeves of the shirt and put the jacket on top. Such an image is suitable for official events.

If we are talking about the style of casual, jeans are acceptable, under the shirt you can put on a T-shirt, and on the feet of comfortable loafers or sneakers. To get a complete and harmonious image, you can also make flip-flops on the bottom of the jeans. Read about how to properly flip men’s jeans in our blog. If you want to demonstrate your status, put a watch on your hand and then the rolled up sleeve will show your status thing. A few practical recommendations Stylists recommend roll up sleeves only with dense fabric shirts, because in this case the lapels better retain their shape and look neater. The thing should be ironed before rolling up the sleeves. Roll up the sleeves slowly, calmly, make sure that there are no folds. Be sure to check if the sleeves are the same after the sleeves have been rolled up, just fold them together. For each shirt, the flap should be selected individually, experimenting and a little bit fantastic, because the width of the cuff of each shirt is different.

Do not make perfectly flat lapels, if they turn out too right, it will look too boring and pedantic. It is better to give the image a lightness, a certain carelessness. Stress your image with one simple but stylish detail As the stylists note, only one careless detail and the shirt will miraculously transform into a stylish image element. Thus, you can give things a second life, they will look new and original. All you need to do is wash the thing, iron it and carefully twist the sleeves, following the instructions. Important! Tuck the sleeves only on shirts with hard cuffs that hold the shape.

We have suggested the most actual and stylish ways of sleeves folding. Of course, you can just roll up the sleeve with an accordion, turn the cuff inside, but in this case, the image will turn out untidy, sloppy.