How to ruin your life

Motivating articles that make you richer and happier do not work? Besides the right steps, we make elementary mistakes that ruin everything and make everyone a loser. Sometimes it is more important to know your gross mistakes than the right steps to a dream. How is it guaranteed to ruin your life? Start doing something from that list. It’s a 100% chance to be a loser your whole life.

How to ruin your life?

– Get the education your parents want, not you.

– Get a job you hate just for the money.

– Don’t take any chances, don’t do anything stupid and stay in one place.

– Go out with girls who are easier and more immediate.

– Postpone your plans for tomorrow, next month or year. Or better yet, for the next life.

– Always go out with someone and don’t be alone, because it’s easier to be with someone.

– The opinion and gossip of strangers is very important.

– If you break your heart, don’t try to love again.

– Take the first step only at 100% chance.

– You can’t wait to fall in love.

– You’re a formed person, so there’s no point in changing, growing and experimenting.

– All that matters in life is making money.

– Short-term small goals are more important than long-term, but more valuable.

– Always think about what others will think, how you will look from the outside.

– Assess everything from a risk perspective and insist on the worst-case scenario.

– You don’t have time to communicate with family and friends.

– The world must be fair and take care of you.

– Core yourself for any mistake or failure.

– Cheating on your half is so modern and cool.

– You don’t have time for sports and a healthy lifestyle.

– Other people know how you live and what to do.

– Relationships with your half are compensated and can make you happy if you are unhappy alone.

– Your dreams are foolishness and bliss.

– The prettiest girls, like models, will be the best wives.

– Being selfish is bad, always think of others and adjust to them.

– Cigarettes and alcohol are cool.

– Change is bad, it’s better to sit in your swamp.

– Life is very long, you can wait.

– Afraid to change something, it’s better to be an unhappy loser.

– I agree with this article, but I won’t do anything, it’s better to ruin my life definitively.