How to satisfy in sex

If after sex she tries to talk, cuddle and bother in other ways, then you fucked her badly. How do you really satisfy any girl? The right secrets of hot sex. Among men, there is a myth that women like to communicate after sex. But scientists have long ago proved that conversations, hugs and other contacts speak about sexual dissatisfaction of a partner. But if you fucked her well, she does not need anything. The girl will enjoy the resulting orgasm, and will not try to fill it with other methods. For a good orgasm you will have to try a little. But you are not afraid of quality and hot sex, right?

How to satisfy any girl

1. Prelude in sex Do not be lazy and “accidentally” forget about the prelude. Rapid sex can be good, but in rare cases. Almost always, to excite a woman, you need a prelude. Preliminary weasels are touching, kissing and stimulation of the genitalia. Take at least 10 minutes for foreplay. If a woman is ready to have sex earlier, she will let you know about it.

2. Kisses in sex It is only whores do not kiss, and normal girls love to do it. Kisses should not be limited to her lips and breasts. Women love it when their bodies are covered with kisses in the most unexpected and difficult places. Kiss her cheeks, ears, neck, stomach, legs. Usual lip prints will surprise few people. Use your tongue, saliva, teeth or breath when kissing. Tease her with kisses, make them timid, persistent and passionate. Even when you enter a girl and make movements, do not forget to kiss her periodically. Women are very fond of kissing.

3. Sliding in sex In sex there is no much lubrication. A woman may have difficulties with its production or intercourse last long enough. To make a woman feel not discomfort, but pleasure, use lubricants, gels and greases. Warm the grease with your hand before applying it to the delicate areas of the woman’s body.

4. Clitoris in sex One of the most effective ways to achieve orgasm is to stimulate the clitoris. But during sex itself, there is practically no effect on the clitoris. How do I influence the clitoris in particular? You can press down on the body or help with the hand, which is more effective. The clitoris has a lot of nerve endings, so you should always start with care. The movements can be up and down, left and right, or circular. Try different movements: intermittent or rhythmic. Massage, stroke, rub and squeeze its small sexual lips. The force of pressure is selected from the woman’s response. Watch the girl carefully. The right actions will be welcomed by her.

5. Actions in sex Poses can be chosen from the sexual preferences of the couple. Sex itself is the commission of progressive movements – friction. The average number of performed frictions – 62. The average duration of “pure” sex is about 2 minutes. But for orgasm a woman needs not only technical penetration. There is no need for disorderly movements, fuss, twitching and high speed. You need to start slowly, and then gradually build up the pace. Sometimes, move on the left and right side of the vagina, for better stimulation. Turning small and deep friction, but in a clear sequence. At the end, apply it sharply, firmly and deeply. When she starts to finish, slow down the pace, it will help her get a stronger orgasm. Do women like to communicate after sex? Show the girl quality and hot sex! Fuck her so that she will shut up!