How to sleep well? 21 secrets of a sound sleep

You will be more successful in all endeavors, if you start to fall asleep. In today’s world, everyone barely gets up in the morning, rarely falls asleep, lying down in the evening, constantly sleepy and tired. Do you know them? How do you sleep well? The secrets of a good and full sleep. “I put a song by Olga Buzova on my alarm clock. Now I get up 10-15 minutes early so I don’t have to hear it”. “We spend 40% of our time at work and 30% asleep. This is 6-9 hours every day. A person spends a significant part of his life in a dream, and the rest of his dreams to sleep. A good sleep is the basis of everything. The quality of sleep affects the daily well-being, health and productivity during the day. Good sleep is the key to any business. Improve the quality of your life by improving the schedule and order of sleep. How to have a good sleep?

Tips for a good night’s sleep

  1. Choose a place for sleep. Buy a quality bed and a good mattress. Investing in a good sleep is a sensible and correct decision, which is made by smart people.
  2. Get up right away. Get up from the first ring of the alarm clock, not move it 5 minutes ahead. You will dive into a new cycle of deep sleep, which will make the ascent even harder and worsen your condition. Place the alarm clock where you cannot reach it without getting it out of bed.
  3. Find the best duration of sleep. Try to find the optimal number of hours of sleep, which makes you feel asleep and rested. Most adults sleep a maximum of 6 hours, although you need at least 7-9 hours.
  4. Pick up a sleeping schedule. Find your own sleeping schedule, which makes you feel most comfortable. It is claimed that the lark’s lifestyle is closer to biological needs than that of an owl. It is better to get up early and lie down early than to get up late and lie down late.
  5. Direction of head during sleep. The head lies in the east at sunrise. In the west sleep with head to the north. It is believed that sleep to the north is healing, to the east – gives wisdom, to the south – longevity, to the west – anger and envy. It is up to you to choose.
  6. Take a shower. A contrast shower, an hour before the dream, helps you to immerse yourself in the arms of the god Morpheus more quickly.
  7. Engage in sports. Regular exercise gives the body the necessary physical activity. This allows you to keep your body toned, and sleep makes your body stronger.
  8. Wake up in a bright light. Bright sunlight or bulbs sends signals to the brain. This helps you wake up more quickly. Do not look at the blue screen of the phone while checking messages. It can cause sadness and irritation right from the morning.
  9. Avoid dangerous drinks closer to the evening. Try not to drink coffee in the afternoon if you have trouble falling asleep. Alcohol impairs sleep and makes it restless.
  10. Closeness before sleep. Scientists say that intimacy before bed helps to fall asleep faster and sleep better. Save on antidepressants and sleeping pills, replacing them by somersaulting in bed with your girlfriend.
  11. Avoid blue. In the evening, the sun gets a yellower light, which contributes to normal sleep. But the TV, computer and phone screens give blue colors. Use programs for your computer (f.lux) and phone (Twilight) that change the brightness of the screen.
  12. Adjust the temperature. Make the temperature in the room a little lower than usual. Sleep better in a cool place.
  13. Make it dark for better sleep. Make sure that the bedroom is absolutely dark. Dense curtains will be on guard for a good sleep.
  14. Add some fresh air. Air the room before going to sleep or leave it on micro airing. This helps you sleep faster and feel better.
  15. Do not take sleeping pills. Sleeping pills are pills. The risk of intolerance and side effects make sleeping pills a bad idea.
  16. Try to wake up at the same time. Always wake up at the same time. Even if you lie down later, get up as usual. In the evening you will want to sleep at the right time and lie down on time. This will avoid shifting towards an unhealthy schedule for sleeping.

17. Give in to the routine before bed. Before going to bed it is good to do routine things. No phones, no TV and no Internet.

  1. Do not get eaten before going to bed. Dense food will not contribute to a good sleep, and a lighter food will make the sleep stronger and calmer. But it is not recommended to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you can’t sleep.
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep when there are many thoughts in your head. If you can’t sleep for 30-60 minutes, you should stand up. Go to another room, drink warm milk, read a book or take a warm bath. Gradually, you will feel sleepy.
  3. Sleep in the afternoon. A little sleep during the day will be good for your physical condition. Make yourself a siesta in the afternoon, which is popular in many countries. Sleep in the afternoon for 20-60 minutes. This will help to sleep more quickly at night.
  4. Sleep posture. What is the best position for sleep? Sleeping on the stomach is not always good. It can contribute to neck and back pain. Sleeping on the side attracts most people, but it is also not an ideal position. Doctors call sleep on the back the best option. A good sleep is the basis of your life. And you still do not get enough sleep?