How to spend a weekend? 101 weekend ideas

What to do on the weekend, so as not to spend a lot of money, but have fun? There are many great activities to help you relax, unwind and enjoy your days off to the fullest. How to spend time alone or with a company? Nice and useful weekend ideas. What is the most awaited day of the week? Of course Friday! This is the most valuable and most anticipated weekly holiday. Children, adolescents, men and women are always looking forward to the weekend. This is a wonderful time that brings a little chaos to our routine and ordinary life. At the weekend, we can indulge in those pleasures for which we do not have enough time in ordinary everyday life. Weekend is a small new life, full of something new and interesting. How to spend a day off depending on personal preferences? “Friday! “Ass screamed and dragged me in an unknown direction.” Popular wisdom How to choose activities for the weekend? The choice of rest and pastime on the weekend depends on many factors. This is a person’s age, character, temperament, mood, marital status, level of finances, place of residence and psychological state. What to do on the weekend, which are so different from gray everyday life? It all depends on your mood and weekend goals. Sometimes you just need to take a break from work or study. But sometimes you want to arrange an extreme and untethered rest in order to have a good time. Weekends can be divided into several types. Entertaining, reckless and noisy weekends Informative, educational and creative weekends Active, sporting and extreme weekends Relaxing weekends for a pleasant vacation Communicative weekend for socializing and dating Think about how you see your days off and then choose from the list of pastimes. Although sometimes you need to do something different from what you usually do on the weekend. Get out of the familiar zone and try something radically new.

Some statistics about the weekend

Often the weekend is called a “weekend.” It came from the English word “weekend”, which is called Saturday and Sunday. But we often add Friday to her. In common people, it is called “Friday-tyapnitsa”, “Friday-childish” or “Friday-slutty”. Did you notice that on Saturdays and Sundays few people write on social networks or in instant messengers? It is immediately obvious that people are not sitting at work, but seriously having fun and relaxing. At the weekend we have time, but there is no time for different and unnecessary little things. Women love weekend more than men. They think about the weekend and often remember twice. This is 34% of women versus 16% of men. At the word “Friday” 15% of people are looking forward to a vacation. 9% of men want a drink and 3% of women want a drink too. 3% of people want to sleep on the weekend or relax with their families.

How to spend a weekend?

Best ideas for hanging out “Weekend is the best time for parties, going to clubs and pubs.” Carol Marinelli Some people think that the weekend is limited to time and money, but this is not so. Everything is limited only by the imagination of a vacationer. The weekend was invented not only in order to sleep all the way and do nothing. Down with boredom and laziness! Weekend is a time for soul and happiness. Save for yourself a list of interesting pastimes for the weekend and those moments when it will be boring and the fantasy will not work. You will definitely like something from this list of the 101st interesting and good idea. You can do this alone, with a girl or with friends. Let’s go!

1. Find free and interesting events on the Internet that will be on the weekend. There are always worthy and curious options.

2. Take a walk along the street or park, enjoying a walk or getting to know people around you.

3. Gather your friends, have fun, chat and have fun. Go somewhere together or throw a party at home.

4. Go to the sports ground where you can play football, basketball or volleyball. You can do this in your yard or in a sports complex.

5. Read a book, listen to an audiobook, or podcast. Reading is a limitless world that never bothers.

6. Play board games or cards with friends. Play with a girl for undressing or any desire.

7. Prepare something tasty according to an exquisite recipe or your own. You can prepare food for the next week.

8. Take care of your appearance, care for your skin, change your hair style or change your style. This will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

9. Do or make something interesting with your own hands.

10. Go in for sports using phone apps or YouTube videos. Go to the gym. This is your personal beauty salon. You always dreamed of press cubes and big biceps.

11. Put things in order at home by arranging a cardinal cleaning.

12. Play computer games. It can carry you away for a long time and seriously.

13. Go hiking to feel like a part of nature. There is nothing better for a moral rest from the city.

14. Write or call old friends you haven’t talked to for a long time. Maybe you need to restore communication? But do not write to the former.

15. Define a list of new goals in life and make a detailed plan. Life should sometimes be changed. Drastically.

16. Listen loudly to music, sing karaoke and dance to it. What could be better than weekend music? Nothing!

17. Watch an interesting movie or series, guided by movie reviews. This is my favorite vacation not only on weekends, but also on weekdays.

18. Learn to take pictures and make a hobby your profession. Have a photo shoot for a girl. You can in the style of nude.

19. Learn the basics of some new profession that interests you and is promising. It’s time to change jobs!

20. Drink alcohol alone, in a noisy company of friends or with a pretty girl. You knew this advice without us, brother!

21. Master the elements of yoga or meditation. There’s something about it.

22. Explore the starry sky by comparing with the maps of the constellations and using applications for the phone. Then you will surprise the girls before you get your telescope.

23. Arrange yourself a day of rest from the hustle and bustle. Get enough sleep, rest and goof off. You really wanted that.

24. Disassemble old things, photos or files on your computer. Do you need to do this sometime? The main thing is not to drown in memories.

25. Analyze your life and think about what should be improved in it. You probably have ideas that have been spinning in your head for a long time.

26. Start a blog on the Internet or a video blog on YouTube. This is a very fashionable idea that many choose.

27. Learn a foreign language. This is not only interesting, but also promising and useful

28. Get out for a run to make your form more athletic and slim. No one likes fat and flabby ones. Body positive is for losers.

29. Do a good deed to others or volunteer. The world needs you. Make it a little better.

30. Install the dating app and invite a pretty girl on a date. It’s time to fall in love, meet and engage in obscenities.

31. Take a walk in the shops and have fun.

32. Make yourself rest in the country or in the village. Moonshine, bath and girls to help. Especially the latter. This is the perfect weekend in retro style.

33. Go on a picnic with friends or a girl to taste barbecue. Do not forget about alcohol. Girls love it when they pour a little vinyl.

34. Meet with a friend or relatives whom I have not seen for a long time.

35. Make a family tree of your loved ones.

36. Find new friends and girlfriends by attending social events. Time to expand your circle of acquaintances.

37. Puzzles puzzles, puzzles, crosswords or pass interesting tests. It is very exciting.

38. Explore your city in more detail and go on an independent tour, looking into the most distant corners.

39. Create a new phone playlist.

40. Go to another city, become a tourist and enjoy your impressions.

41. Learn to dance by watching videos on the Internet and videos on YouTube.

42. Learn maps on, flights on and ships on Guys will definitely like it.

43. Learn to draw and let your imagination run wild. Post your pictures on the Internet and one day dream of the famous.

44. Record all birthdays of relatives and friends in one place. How much can I miss congratulations and party invitations?

45. Think of how you can earn more money? Brainstorm.

46. ​​Write a poem, story or article in a magazine.

47. Learn the method of touch typing on a computer and learn hot keys. This will speed up your work at the computer.

48. Plan your future by making a wish map or visualization map. What does your bright future look like?

49. Find a group of like-minded people on any topic on social networks, and then come to a meeting.

50. Ride a car, motorcycle, bike, skateboard, roller skate, skate, ski or snowboard. Movement is life.

51. You need a change. Change the atmosphere at home or decorate an apartment.

52. Get a pet. Dog or cat will not let you get bored.

53. Buy a metal detector or start collecting rare things.

54. Get to know neighbors, residents in the yard, or strangers.

55. Give someone a DIY gift.

56. Learn to do interesting tricks, which then will surprise others, especially girls.

57. Bring parents or grandparents. How long have you seen each other? Time is running too fast to put it off for later.

58. Take an online course on a topic that interests you.

59. Create your resume, look for a new and better paid job. Just don’t say that you don’t dream about it.

60. Plan your future vacation and explore all the interesting options for traveling. Planning a vacation is already a vacation.

61. Play a musical instrument or master it if you do not know how. Guitar, harmonica, harp, piano or button accordion?

62. Learn to work with wood, metal, leather or other things. Become a real master! Maybe this is your vocation and future business?

63. Find unnecessary things at home and sell them over the Internet.

64. Take care of indoor plants, a garden or a summer house.

65. Become more funny: read jokes, watch entertaining programs, imitate rap battles. This will make your tongue more spicy.

66. Discover a new musical group, new authors, a new director.

67. Put your documents, things and desktop in order.

68. Learn something new that you never knew how, but always wanted to learn. At the weekend you have the opportunity to try something interesting and new.

69. Take a bath and arrange spa treatments. This is a good weekend break. Especially when he brought along a bottle of wine and a girlfriend.

70. Go to a cafe, a theater, a movie or an exhibition.

71. Explore interesting Wikipedia articles or read the men’s magazine Do not forget to subscribe to us!

72. Do massage with each other or do it yourself. Internet to help.

73. Visit a football, hockey, basketball, or tennis sporting event.

74. Learn to juggle or other tricks.

75. Find your favorite quotes, songs, poems.

76. Visit a flea market, an antique shop, a second-hand bookstore.

77. Study the religion, go to the temple and read the Bible.

78. Launch soap bubbles, airplanes or a frisbee plate.

79. Try extreme sports: parkour, diving, speleology, geocaching.

80. Go fishing, hunting or other interesting hobby. Follow your hobbies on the weekend while you have free time.

81. Learn how to make or throw knives.

82. Go travel now, even if you’re hitchhiking.

83. Change your life schedule, nutrition plan and create a new routine for a clear discipline

84. Think about who you want to be in 5-10 years. How do you imagine yourself?

85. Write a new diary entry or write memoirs.

86. Travel without leaving home using maps and online cameras.

87. Visit a poetic evening or other similar society.

88. Do you want to always look young and be in shape? Do face exercises called Facebook building. Do you want to have an iron rod not only in character? Do kegel exercises.

89. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Now do your self-improvement.

90. Go for a swim in the river, pool, bath, sauna or water park. Water always relieves stress and tiredness of everyday life.

91. Take a random transport and get off at a random stop. Now do what you decide.

92. Go to enjoy the sunset or sunrise. Choose a beautiful view near the river or from the roof of the house. Take the girl with you to the company.

93. Buy something you need or need over the Internet.

94. Have sex with a girl or relax on your own.

95. Go to the garage or fix some piece of iron. What else to do on the weekend?

96. Learn the new program in perfection, which I wanted to master: Photoshop, video editor and other programs.

97. Go in for martial arts and learn to fight. This will give confidence and come in handy when some scoundrel tries to offend you.

98. Take a walk in the forest, pick up mushrooms or a herbarium.

99. Learn in detail the skills of survival and compose your anxious suitcase. Now is an alarming time and wars happen unexpectedly.

100. Dream, fantasize and enjoy the flight of thought.

101. Go where your eyes look. Do whatever you want.

Friday libertine ends at all on Sunday. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we live a real life, and from Monday to Thursday we only dream about the weekend. This is adulthood. But without weekdays, the weekend would not be so bright and colorful. You need to rest so that the weekend goes with benefit for you and your psychological state. So that they are remembered, and not passed by a gray shadow. Sometimes, after the day off, a day off is required to take a break from it, get rid of the fumes and recover from active entertainment. The weekend has begun. Leave boredom, conscience and shyness at home. On your marks! Attention! March!