How to start eating right

The acceleration of the pace of life and the abundance of foods imposed by advertising, convenient to use, but not useful, and often harmful, make many people think about how to begin to eat properly and write this item in your daily schedule.

In addition to knowing how to most effectively calculate portions and balance your menu, it is useful to take into account the psychological aspect and ensure the right approach to changing your eating habits. Whatever the purpose of the diet – to realize the desire to lose weight or improve their health – it is very important to form the right attitude to the problem.

Therefore, it is not worth it:

expect to instantly improve your health, change your food preferences and habits all at once;

Spray attention on several difficult tasks at once;

to abruptly give up all the usual products at once;

to make the harmonization of the diet an end in itself and subordinate it to the whole way of life;

to pay attention to thoughts about food – it is better to channel the energy of the mind in another useful and important direction.

Why do you need to eat right?

Compliance with the daily routine and diet, coupled with the lack of bad habits and adequate exercise are the main conditions for maintaining the body in optimal condition. Very often these simple truths are not remembered until the health problems begin, depriving people of the opportunity to enjoy the daily joys of life.

For those who have already faced the problem of lack of energy and physical strength, overweight, bad sleep, deterioration of skin and hair, or any of the wide range of violations provoked by the wrong way of life, as well as those who have thought about preventing them in advance, it will be vital to make the decision to move to a harmonious diet, to follow it in practice without delay.

The basis of a healthy lifestyle was and still is good nutrition. Since it is the substances that enter the body with food are the main source of strength and raw materials for tissues of our body.

The necessary start will be a competent compilation of the diet for the day.

Rules for choosing a day’s ration

Composing a balanced menu is quite easy. Deciding to improve your health and correct the figure, you should take care of the quality, quantity and time of meals. The food should be fresh, the ration should be varied and distributed correctly for the day.

It is better to start eating more often and in small portions (not three times, but 4-6).

Do not eat tightly before going to bed.

Include vegetables in each meal.

Drink more simple non-carbonated water.

Reduce the number of simple carbohydrates.

Your decision to stick to a competent diet will be rewarded by improving your health, general well-being, getting rid of excess weight and strengthening your immunity.

The correct daily diet should correspond to the scheme, in which the first meal is denser than all subsequent meals.

For beginners, it is important to get the concept of those substances that each organism needs for full work, their ratio. The key to a balanced menu is the correct combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as the presence of trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, various vitamins and iron.

Start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast

The first thing that enters the body should be simple not cold water (if the acidity of the stomach environment allows – with the addition of natural fresh lemon juice). This will help to energize, prepare the digestive system for further functioning. It is also useful for the rapid removal of decay products from the body, weight loss and improvement of the skin.

A glass of water should be consumed correctly – about thirty minutes before meals, slowly, with small sips.

Contrary to popular belief, the advice of a nutritionist regarding morning meals concerns the exclusion of sweets. This is due to the fact that when receiving one portion of glucose, the body will require the next one a little later, when the first sugar will be processed by the digestive system.

A good way to get more energy at the beginning of the day is to eat protein food for breakfast; porridges are useful for normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to choose a healthy lunch

A mid-day meal, according to nutritionists, should contain 25 to 50 percent of the total energy value of a daily diet.

For lunch to be as useful as possible, you should remember the following recommendations:

the beginning of the meal – soup;

consumption of hot (except cold) drinks;

the interval between lunch and the previous meal should be at least 2-3 hours;

a very hearty lunch is useful to balance a light dinner.

In no case should not neglect a full lunch.

What is preferable to eat for dinner

In the evening meal with a rational diet there is a minimum of calories. Carbohydrate consumption should be avoided. However, this meal should not be completely excluded from the mode – it provokes serious disorders in the digestive system.

You can give preference to natural yogurts, steam dishes from poultry meat, curd casserole, seafood.

A good choice will be a protein omelet or a small portion of legumes – beans, lentils, chickpea.

The key to success will be the combination of the products’ saturation with useful substances and their low caloric value.

How many calories and minerals should the body get?

Calculation of calories required by the body is done using formulas that include data on the following parameters of a particular person:





Special attention should be paid to the actual state of the body, professional loads, lifestyle and goal set by the person who has decided to eat right. If they are guided by the desire to lose weight – normal indicators are reduced by 20%, while trying to gain muscle mass – they are increased by the same amount.

Average standards require women to eat 1000 to 2000 kcal per day, and men to eat 2500 to 5000 kcal per day. However, the exact calculation must be done individually.

Which foods should be avoided when forming the right diet

Setting the body to a new system of nutrition takes time as the formation of any habit. If you can’t exclude all harmful food at once, you should do it gradually, allowing yourself about once a week something from the forbidden list.

This will help to relieve tension, to have fun. However, then you should make up for this relaxation by increasing the amount of vegetables, fruits, clean drinking water.

A list that will help limit harmful foods in your diet:

mild, yeasty and containing additives baked goods, batons and wheat bread (it is correct to give preference to whole grains and rye without yeast);

confectionery products;

sausage products;

mayonnaise and the sauces created on its basis;

meat and fish conservation;

smoked and salty meat dishes;

egg yolk;

food with high animal fat content;


fast food, semi-finished products;

carbonated beverages, especially sweet drinks, containing colorants and flavor additives.

It is especially important to understand the importance of freshness of products and ready-made dishes. Even healthy foods can be harmful if not cooked correctly. Always prefer boiled and steamed food to fried food.

An example of the right menu for the day

Taste preferences of each individual. It is all the more difficult to make a menu correctly for a long time. However, when you start to correct your diet, you will gradually learn a lot of recipes and new dishes, you will be able to choose the most preferable ones.

About a day’s worth of food may look like this:

Boiled egg with buckwheat porridge for breakfast, as a drink natural cocoa, you should also add a fresh apple or orange;

at lunch – steamed soup, boiled or baked without adding fat chicken meat, better fillet, a piece of rye or rye wheat bread, green tea with honey or lemon;

during the afternoon, you can eat curd with fresh berries or fruit;

a nice dinner will be a little lean meat (not fried) and vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits can be used as snacks, in case of severe hunger – nuts and seeds. Do not forget about the daily consumption of simple water (about 2 liters), which is necessary for health.

What to do if there is not enough time for cooking

For those who want to eat right, the key to success is continuity. The real benefit can only come from a long-term change in lifestyle. Often, the modern pace of life of a working person does not leave time for much. In no case should not abandon the decision to become healthier, the desire to lose weight.

The beginning is always the hardest, we very often leave the achievement of what we want without starting, only because of limited time and energy resources, but there are professionals who are ready and willing to provide competent assistance.

If you don’t have time to take care of your food, you can order ready-made dishes with delivery, fresh and properly balanced. It is very easy to choose food for yourself from the section corresponding to your goal (lose weight, keep fit after diet, gain muscle mass, etc.). There is a menu for the calendar and work week, with a detailed description of the composition of the products and their beneficial substances.

At your request, useful fresh food will be delivered, which you can eat at work and at home. Comfortable service conditions will allow you to enjoy a variety of balanced dishes, many of which you might not soon be ready to cook yourself.

The opportunity to take advantage of services offered by respected and competent professionals will eliminate the need to study numerous videos, view pictures and read articles in order to expand your culinary range.

There is no reason to postpone the start of the plan to eat right. Do it today.