How to stop being afraid of girls?

Why do some guys have more girls in a month than others in two years? How do you have a life filled with beautiful chicks? Many guys and men are afraid of girls, even if they say otherwise. Think back to how you behaved with a girl you really liked. How do you get rid of shyness even in front of the prettiest girl? How many times have you not approached a girl you liked, how many times you behaved ridiculously or made mistakes in the relationship? Every guy and man has a history of failure that left an indelible mark that undermined his confidence. The result is an underlying fear of the fairer sex that prevents you from getting to know someone and creating a good relationship. Thinking about how to approach and what to say to a charming stranger? Thought too long and missed the chance, and the girl disappeared over the horizon. Asked out on a date, but wondering how to please, how to lead and where to ask? The girl stands with hope for the guy’s initiative, but he freezes and everything goes to hell. Acting ridiculously insecure and talking nonsense that the chances of a relationship have become zero. He was afraid of losing the girl, but by his actions he pushed away, which resulted in everything coming to a breakup. These all failures on the love front are from an inner fear of girls. Fear of the girl makes you shut up, stutter, worry, talk nonsense or do stupid things. How to conquer girls and not be afraid of them?

How to stop being afraid to meet girls? Do you want to communicate with girls easily and easily, as many do, but not you? You are moved by fears and past defeats that do not allow you to establish a personal life. But the problem with girls is easily solved, with some persistence and desire. We usually fear that a girl will make fun of us and refuse us when we approach. That others will notice and make fun of you. But the people around you don’t care about you, and they only think about themselves. A girl can turn you down for a million reasons that don’t depend on you. It could be a bad mood, having a boyfriend, being too busy, or having cockroaches in her head. You may not be her type, but who’s to say she has a good one? Girls often say no to dating, and sometimes they say yes. But you’ll never know unless you try. Pickup courses always teach you one thing, and we’ll give you that advice for free. Make 100 approaches to girls you like, and then analyze the mistakes and the right moves. Soon you’ll notice that not all girls say no. Many chicks give you the phone, some agree to dates, and some end up in your bed. The only option to combat your fear of meeting girls is to make regular pickups and practice. Do three or four pickups every day. You’ll approach almost 100 girls in a month, as planned. But if you hit up once a week, you’ll only approach 100 girls in two years! That’s how some men have 25 times more female attention than other wussies.

How do I stop being afraid to talk to girls? Fear and shyness with girls is common if you do it rarely. Communicating with girls takes experience, as does hitting on them. Communicate and flirt with girls more to reduce the rarity and uniqueness of the moment. When you interact with different girls every day, it becomes routine and the excitement doesn’t even show up. Regular flirting helps you gain experience in communication, teaches you to understand the fair sex and makes you more experienced on the love front. You already have an intuitive sense of how to communicate and deal with girls. With the first dozen girls it’s complicated, and then it gets easier and easier. But it’s not just about experience, as in some understanding of the relationship itself. You start to treat love, relationships, and yourself more easily. You’re already more balanced about emotional swings, manipulation, and gender play. You’ve been through it all, which means you’re already a seasoned love veteran.

How do I stop making mistakes in my relationships? Often when we are young, we make mistakes that scare women away from us. Girls want to see a decent man with you, but are you ready to show her? 90% of breakups are made by women, but it is usually the fault of men who screw up.

1. Don’t chase a girl A girl doesn’t need another boy to run around the Friendzone. A girl needs a real man who is strong, wise, and independent. Who knows how not to respond to manipulation, tantrums and other nonsense. Don’t be afraid of a girl and don’t bend to her.

Be condescending to the girl, not submissive to her like a rag. Don’t put yourself one step below the girl, but be on an equal footing with her, or even higher. Many men begin to perceive the girl as a princess, and then expectantly find themselves in a frenzine. A girl needs a strong man, not an obedient and predictable weakling.

2 Be interesting to a girl Boring life and sitting at home? That’s what a girl can do without a man. A girl wants to see a man with her who will make her life brighter, richer, more interesting, cooler and more fun. If a man can’t come up with entertainment and can’t surprise, it’s hard to hope for anything on the personal front. When communicating, it’s important to catch your own buzz with a girl, flirting and playing the game of love.

3. Learn how to communicate with a girl Many men are afraid to talk to girls and do not know what to say to them. Find interesting topics of conversation, take an interest in the girl’s life and find things you have in common. Help the girl emotionally open up and talk about herself, stimulating her frankness. This will bring you closer, and the girl will see you as a great conversationalist.

4. Seduce the girl Girls want love, passion and emotion. If you don’t shut her out of that need, she’ll find it elsewhere and with another man. Compliment the girl regularly, admire her looks and qualities. This will make her feel wanted, wonderful and loved.

Touch a girl on different occasions to make her goosebumps run down her body. Don’t wait for a girl to take your hand, put her arms around you, kiss you, grope you, or seduce you. It’s all a man’s prerogative and even an obligation.

How old are you today? Do you want to spend your best years alone? If you don’t have a personal life, but need to actively pursue it. Be on a really active quest. 1 approach a week is for losers. Meet 3 girls every day until you get your personal life together. Afraid to approach girls? Do it through fear. After a certain point, you won’t care. Even if a girl turns you down, you’re still cool and brave. You’re cooler than those losers who only drooled over a girl and cowardly shoved aside. You took a chance, and that’s all that matters. It’s better than regretting all your life, “If I’d been braver and more active…” A girl can sense insecurity and timidity a mile away, but you can only get rid of it by practice. Here’s your assignment for tomorrow. Approach three girls on the street, in transport or cafes to get acquainted. Do this for a month, and in 30 days your life will completely change for the better. Beautiful girls are waiting, and you’re still timid. In a month, I’m waiting for your report. Or will you chicken out again?