How to stop being jealous and comparing yourself to others?

Just do not say that you do not compare yourself with others and do not envy. There are many people around who have achieved more, earn better, live happier, have a better financial situation and are happier. How is it that people, even younger than you, have bypassed on the next turn? Why do they have everything and you have little? “Jealousy is destructive. Sigmund Freud What steals your happiness, strength, productivity and hard work? Jealousy. Every time you envy someone, you only make yourself worse. Jealousy starts the process of self-destruction of a person. It eats and makes us lose faith in ourselves.

We give up our hands, stop valuing what we have and start to consider ourselves losers. But this is all stupid and extremely dangerous. Someone has a better position, someone is indecently rich, someone is extremely smart, someone has success in personal life, someone has material wealth, someone is very handsome, and someone is lucky. There are always people who have achieved something more than you. But there are not so many of them, maybe a unit percentage. How to deal with the fact that you seem like a pathetic loser on a foreign background? Why someone younger is richer, more successful and happier than you? Why do you feel that you mean nothing in life and miss everything? How do you cope with feelings of envy, resentment and annoyance?

How to stop being jealous and compare yourself with others? Is a person younger than you, but has achieved more? Their success is not your failure. In general, the concept of success is relative. To have a big position doesn’t mean that your life has been successful and you are happy. A job can bring a lot of stress and mental discomfort. These people may be less happy than you. It does not matter how much you earn or what you have achieved. Having more money than you need will not make you happy. It is important to do something that you like. Then you will be happier than the others. That is all that matters. Do not compare yourself with others. You don’t know what kind of hardships they had to endure and what they will face.

Maybe there’s even nothing to envy? Everyone has a different road in life. Some people have a straight and wide road, when others have winding and narrow. As long as you move forward instead of standing still, everything is fine. We used to compare ourselves with the best of the best. Who is 0.0001% of the world’s population. How do you stop being jealous and compare yourself with others? Try to compare yourself with those who are worse. Who has worse situation, lower income, no prospects, poor health and all bad in life. You can only compare yourself with the average person in your place of residence. This will be more objective. But it is even better not to do it. It does not give the right picture. One goes to a dream, and that is why it is harder for him. And at this time, someone has been working at one place in comfort all his life. But it is better to be the one who goes to the dreams.


There are always those who are richer and better.

How to stop being jealous?

Do not waste time and effort on what you can’t change. Worry about how you can change your life for the better. It’s stupid to compare yourself with others because everyone faces different circumstances and starts from a different life position. Do not compare yourself with who someone is today. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday. The only criterion is your earlier versions.

The life race is long. But it is a race with yourself. Every day gets better and better. This is what happiness lies in it. How do you stop being jealous? Love yourself with all your heart and soul. Find people who will pull you up, not down. Compare yourself yesterday, with yourself tomorrow. Treat yourself as if you are helping yourself. Do not let yourself live the way you do not want to. Do not get distracted by the routine, fuss and stupidity, so as not to waste your time. Every day do something important for positive change. Establish order and discipline so as not to sabotage change for the better.

Stop being jealous and compare yourself with others. It is better to be happy. Happiness is a movement forward, not a specific destination. Move towards your goals and become a little better every day. Every new day do something important and useful. This is when you will move forward, grow and become happier.