How to stop being jealous of a girl?

Jealousy is an emotion that burns from within and is known to almost every member of the human race. Surprisingly, jealousy is inherent not only in us humans, but also in animals. Jealousy can ruin the life of not only the one who is jealous, but also the one who is jealous. Relationships of couples in which one of the partners is jealous are not to be envied. An exhausting feeling does not allow a quiet life, constant suspicion draws in the imagination of terrible pictures of treason, from which a jealous man experiences the range of negative emotions, destroying the body in the truest sense, the release of excessive blood stress hormones. To prove the faithfulness of the partner is very difficult, because he sees treason, even in the most innocuous things. Life with a jealous person becomes simply impossible. In order to understand how to successfully fight jealousy, it is necessary to study its root causes. Moreover, girls and guys are jealous for different reasons. Male and female jealousy are not the same thing. Now we will figure out what is the difference between jealousy in men and women, and how to stop jealousy of the girl.

Female Jealousy Where does female jealousy have its roots? A woman is inherently fulfilled when she has succeeded as a wife and mother. When a woman meets her man, she marries him and has children. If a man leaves his family for any reason, most of the time the woman who is left with the children is in trouble. The woman feels this danger on an intuitive level, so she tries her best to prevent possible adultery on the side, which could destroy her family. The brain of a jealous woman constantly warns her about the danger, so the woman becomes jealous of her man, looking for visible and invisible traces of the betrayal that took place. Thus, the jealous half tries to prevent treason, in fact, quite poisoned the life of her husband, a woman actually contribute to the destruction of the family. No man is able to live happily and peacefully when he is suspected of all mortal sins.

Tired of endless arguments, tantrums and suspicions, a man can, indeed, make love on the side, which does not exhaust his nerves as a spouse and does not torment him with jealousy. It is not uncommon for men to leave jealous wives. The result – a woman afraid to stay abandoned, so jealous. Why is a man jealous? Because a man is usually more self-sufficient and realized in this world than a woman, and if a man leaves his wife, he will certainly cope himself. In addition, he will be able to build a new relationship more quickly and easily than a woman. After all, in essence, it is the man who makes the first step, respectively, and the right of choice is his. We conclude that a man to remain without a girl is not as scary and hopeless than to remain a woman without a man. Why are men jealous in this case? And what are the peculiarities of male jealousy?

Male jealousy Male jealousy is even more dangerous and scary than female jealousy. Bruised male ego sometimes leads to very dire consequences. Man by nature – the hunter and conqueror. By linking himself to a formal relationship with a girl (by the way, it does not have to be a registered legal marriage, it’s enough to declare to the world that you are now a couple), a man considers himself the rightful master of this woman. The family (wife and children), house and other property are the man’s possessions, which he considers his own and is very jealous of any encroachment on his possessions. An official relationship declared to society about a relationship with a woman is very important to a man, and no self-respecting man will allow another male to encroach on his fiefdom. Man experiences infidelity even more deeply and tragically than a woman. Bruised self-esteem, destroyed self-esteem, the whole range of negative emotions knock a man out of shape for a long time. The occurred and discovered adultery will never pass without trace for a man.

Feelings of humiliation, shame, resentment and disappointment will eat away at the soul from the inside, and will never bring back the former trust in women. Cheating on a beloved woman is a fall of man’s dignity, man’s self-esteem, and man’s sense of self. If a man also loves the woman who cheated on him, he sometimes finds the strength to try to forgive her and stay with her together, but the old, former relationship will never return. Why are jealous men, we figured out, it remains to be clear what to do with this jealousy and how to stop being jealous?

How to stop being jealous of a girl? Some psychologists say that jealousy is an agonizing doubt about someone’s love. Perhaps the psychologists are right about something. But what makes one person painfully doubt another person’s love? That’s right, it’s low self-esteem. 99% of people on the planet are looking for happiness outside, not understanding that happiness and peace of mind are inside themselves. A self-sufficient person does not compare himself with other people, does not search out imaginary faults in himself, does not go over in his head the possible scenarios of negative situations. Many people, wrongly, believe that jealousy, then love. Jealousy has nothing to do with love. Jealousy stems from low self-esteem, complexes, insecurities, fears and phobias.

If you are jealous of your girlfriend, try to understand yourself and understand what exactly your jealousy is about, what situations preceded the fact that you became jealous. Think back to your childhood, analyze whether you received enough love as a child from your mom, and support from your dad? Or maybe your younger or older brother was loved by his parents more than you? By working through this step by step, you’ll realize that your childhood complexes and past situations have nothing to do with your jealousy of the woman you love. Jealousy is groundless and meaningless.

I don’t argue, sometimes girls deliberately provoke their men to display burning jealousy in order to test their love. Do not fall for such provocations and immediately warn your girlfriend that such numbers are not allowed on her part. If to deal with their own complexes do not work out, take advantage of professional psychologist. Be a jealous man is not easy, because jealousy riddles your life. Remember that jealousy poisons your life, not only you but also the person you are jealous. So try as soon as possible to solve the problem and not poison the life of either yourself or your loved one. It is not uncommon when a jealous young man (or husband) for a long time harassing the girl with his jealousy, provoked her infidelity. After all, by accusing her of cheating, you’ve already insulted and humiliated her, so why shouldn’t she start conforming to who you think she is! This is no joke now, there are actually quite a few such examples. So give it some thought.

The last few months of life on our planet show us that we need to live every moment as brightly and consciously as possible, to appreciate and love our loved ones, to cherish them, to give them love and care. Jealousy takes away precious months and years that you could spend in love and happiness, filled with unforgettable moments, the memory of which gives strength to live even when it is difficult to breathe…