How to support digestion and liver in spring: expert tips

Spring is a good time to go through a detoxification program in the body, especially the liver, gallbladder and lymphatic system.

To support my digestion and liver in spring, I consume bitters in the morning and after my two biggest meals, usually lunch and dinner,” Andreeva said.

In addition, more salads and raw foods have been added to her menu, according to the specialist.

“I understand that this is not for everyone, because spring is different depending on where you live. It’s already hot enough here, so we’ve actively switched to more raw vegetables and berries as a family.”

It’s also a great practice to be alone with yourself, and to take more walks and be in the sun.

“Many of us may be low on vitamin D by the end of winter, and nothing can replace the spring sun,” the nutritionist emphasized.

She also reminded us not to forget about contrast showers.

“It’s a great practice, especially – if you do it after you have warmed up in the bath or sauna,” wrote Nadia.

The nutrition specialist reminded us that in the spring it is important to eliminate strongly salty, fatty, dairy, baked goods and sweets from the diet.

“And do not forget to brush your tongue in the morning: if the tongue is covered with a thick white plaque, then the meal should be lighter, warmer and perhaps island (for example, you can spend the day on peppered lentil and vegetable soup with spinach or green beans),” advised the nutritiologist.