How to survive a bum?

You don’t know what you’re going to do. Life is too complicated and unpredictable to be sure that tomorrow you will not find yourself in a difficult situation. What do you do when you find yourself without a home, money, a job, or a future? The path of homelessness is difficult and dangerous when you find yourself at a dead end in life and falling deeper every day. Survival tips for the homeless and tricks for the homeless that can help. What could be worse than falling socially to the homeless? Probably nothing, except to go crazy and end up in an insane asylum. We all hope that such a thing will never happen. But we all know the proverb: “From fate and from prison you will never escape. We hope that no one will need this article, but just in case we wrote it. It is important to know how to act in an extreme situation and get out of it. How do you survive a homeless person when you find yourself on the street with no money, no job, and no prospects? What to do when you find yourself as a homeless person? What to do, how to survive and how to act?

What does it mean to be homeless? What does it mean to be homeless? The word “homeless” is a term from the official protocol of the Soviet police that has migrated to slang and become familiar to our ears. BOMZH stands for “Homeless”. Homeless people are also called “BOMZHIZ” or “BOMZHIR. In official police documents, these words meant the following: “No fixed place of residence (and occupation/registration)”. In the past, homeless people were called vagrants. Vagrancy is the condition of a person who lives in poverty, has no fixed place of residence, wanders from place to place, and moonlights in any casual way. In tsarist Russia there was a legal term for vagrancy. Russia’s first criminal code was called the 1845 Code of Criminal and Correctional Punishments. It considered a vagrant a person who lived somewhere or moved from place to place without the knowledge of the police authorities. Who could not, or perhaps did not want to for various reasons, prove his condition and rank. If a person could prove it, he was considered merely passportless and not a vagrant. For the false testimony about his condition, rank and place of residence vagabonds were sent to the correctional detention centers for four years, were subjected to the penalty of birching from 30-40 strokes or were deported to Siberia.

In the RSFSR, vagrancy was punishable by up to two years in prison, but the article was abolished in ’91. Now vagrancy is decriminalized. It is neither a criminal offense nor an administrative offense. Vagrants, homeless citizens, bums, or homeless people are not considered lawbreakers. The words “homeless” or “bum” are considered disrespectful to the homeless.

How does one become homeless? It’s easy to become homeless by any chance. Problems with housing, health, work, money, the law, alcohol. Most follow the chain of losing a steady job and a home. It’s easy to lose your corner of the house, and once on the street it’s hard to get a job. Homeless people are influenced by credit, problems, laws, and alcohol that they often lose their documents. Without a piece of paper you are a bug, but with a piece of paper you are a person. At first homeless people become homeless by chance, and then they become hostages of a hopeless situation. Often people go to earn money, but without earning anything to nestle with fellow sufferers. Sometimes housing is taken away by crooks, greedy relatives or exes as a result of a divorce, and the homeless person turns into a homeless person. Criminals like to take money or put up loans, taking all the possessions. It’s not easy to settle in society after prison either, because about half of homeless people are ex-convicts. Some become homeless voluntarily, when they like to get drunk, go out and do nothing. Citizens who are alcoholics, hooligans and slackers do not want to work. There is freedom, impunity and an idle way of life. Get drunk and forget. So every day. Often homeless people don’t want to go back to a normal life, but many can’t anymore. Addictions, illness, poverty, crime, problems and antisocial lifestyles. A vortex of failure pulls the homeless to the social bottom. No one can say how many homeless people there are in the city. But there are about 50-100 thousand homeless people in Moscow.

How does a homeless person survive on the street?

1. Where does a homeless person live?

The biggest problem for a homeless person is a place to sleep and rest. Where is a homeless person to go when he finds himself on the cold, wet and merciless street? One has to find a place to sleep and rest. It is good to have a place to sleep all the time, but it is not always possible and not so easy. Find yourself a temporary or permanent place to sleep. Most homeless people live in basements, attics, and near heating lines. There are also homeless shelters and abandoned buildings. In abandoned buildings and various nooks and crannies of the city, you should choose the most secluded places. It is important to be careful when trespassing on someone else’s property. There is a risk of being robbed and beaten by other homeless people, which will make the situation even worse. It is always worth remembering that a place to sleep does not belong to you, and it is easy to lose it at any time. Sometimes you can rent some kind of a dwelling or its semblance. You can rent a cottage, a garage or other nook. It will be possible to hide there and leave your belongings. But usually homeless people stand their huts and shacks in deserted places. Walls, utensils and furniture are obtained from the landfill. Some churches, monasteries, and private businesses give homeless people jobs. In return, they do simple jobs, getting food and lodging for the night.

2. How do homeless people wash themselves?

One of the most important things in homelessness is hygiene. It is important to try to stay clean and tidy, even if this set of measures is quite difficult to accomplish. People respond positively to those who are clean, neat and tidy rather than dirty and smelly. Clean appearance allows the homeless person to blend in with ordinary people, and you will not be chased away by security guards or law enforcement. Presentable hobos are more likely to be served handouts and not kicked out of public places.

It is important to have access to hot water that allows you to wash properly. You can go to public toilets where you can clean yourself up a bit. There are free toilets at fast food restaurants: McDonald’s, Burger King or KFS. You can take a one-time or trial membership to a gym where there are showers. You can sign up for the cheapest pool that has hot showers. There are many options for bums. You can find some acquaintances where you can take a shower or a bath. There are public baths, where a homeless person can wash himself for a small amount of money.

3. How do homeless people dress?

It’s hard for a homeless person to survive if you don’t have the right clothes. When you don’t have a roof over your head, you depend a lot on the weather conditions and the time of year. It is important to choose clothes that have several layers. Then you will be able to take it off and put it on as the weather changes. As the colder seasons approach, you should start looking for a warm winter jacket, hat, socks, and boots. Rains, snow, and crappy weather call for waterproof clothing. Choose practical clothing with pockets where you can place the essentials. Clothes are often left at the garbage disposal, but size, color and condition are not to be chosen. Life as a homeless person is hard, so what’s there to complain about?

4. What do homeless people carry with them?

Once on the street, you have to use whatever you can get your hands on. Unnecessary or broken things are often thrown in the trash and can be used later. It is important to choose the things you need, because all items will have to carry with you. The more things, the less mobile and agile. You should use your imagination and creativity to replace a lot of things with one thing. What do all homeless people have? There are basic necessities that allow you to use something quickly and immediately. These are a knife, a spoon, a knife, a handkerchief, a bandage, a band-aid, a phone charger, a bottle of water, medicine. In the pockets there are things that are important for survival, even if you lose the bag or backpack.

Use newspapers. There are fewer and fewer newspapers in the trash now, but there are still plenty of them. Newspapers are a great tool for the homeless bum. Newspapers can be turned in for waste paper, set a table, make a fire, wrap up in cold weather, stick them in clothes for frost, use them as bedding for sleeping, and use them as toilet paper. Newspaper is a source of information and entertainment to take your mind off the burdens of life’s homeless existence. Don’t leave your belongings that may be stolen or thrown away by someone. You can always be attacked by other homeless people who might get their hands on your shoes, clothes, backpack or belongings. No one will interfere in a fight or bum beating.

5. What do homeless people eat?

Homeless people are squeamish about eating meat from stray animals, which are full of parasites and diseases. Homeless people prefer to look for food in garbage dumps. Homeless people know very well where they throw away stale food. Homeless people know where and when to give out free food. Homeless people get food more often, and if they buy only the cheapest food. Homeless people spend money on alcohol.

6. How do homeless people get money?

The main type of earnings of the homeless is recycling, scrounging at the dump, moonlighting as a loader. At the dump, homeless people are considered more elite, but they have their own mafia, which is difficult to stick their necks into. Homeless people make money by selling bottles, tin cans, glass, scrap metal. You don’t make a lot of money on that, but it’s enough to make a living. Some homeless people beg, but this is more criminal. In general in the world of homeless people about 70-80% of life activity is under the criminal sphere. If a homeless person gets money and begs, then the criminal is charged by the criminal for the roof. The older homeless man goes through the spots and collects the tribute and then gives it to the representatives of the criminals. There are criminals at the non-ferrous metal dealership, where they accept scrap copper, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals, too. If you want to work in this sphere, you should give a significant part to the criminal world. Otherwise, you will lose not only access to earnings, but also health and life.

7. How does a homeless person survive on the street?

It is important to abide by the laws of the street, and not to cross paths with law enforcement. It’s good to find a companion to roam with. It’s always more fun, more reliable, and better together. Often homeless people get a dog that guards and brightens up their homeless life. A homeless person with an animal is better served. On the street, it is important to avoid problems at all costs. Any injury can lead to health problems or loss of life. Homeless people try to get away from problems rather than get into conflicts, fights, and other trouble. Why do they need trouble when they have enough of it? It’s easy to get on the street and hard to get out. If a person has been wandering around for more than a year, it is very difficult to get out of it. A person begins to degrade and sink when it becomes almost impossible to socialize back in. How does a homeless person survive? It is best to go to rehabilitation centers for the homeless. There you can get professional help, housing and work.

Vagrant street life is not sugar, and being homeless is very hard. It is better to never get on the street. But remember what from a fate and from a prison do not repent …