How to take a break during a break so you can work more productively

In this article we will give some useful tips to help you recover physically, psychologically and with renewed vigor to the work process

When you have a huge to-do list in front of you, breaks are a great luxury. However, they are essential for your health. In addition, rest will have a positive effect on your productivity. After a good rest you will work more efficiently and with pleasure.

Here are some tips to help you distract and rest from work, keep your energy and inspiration for the whole day.

Take a break for 5 to 15 minutes:


Business consultant Carson Tate, in her book “Work Easy. A Personalized Approach to Improving Productivity” advises that during a break, you should not think about work and be completely distracted from it. It is not advisable to combine snacks and browsing e-mail or other documents.

It is better to walk during this time: go down and up the stairs several times, take a walk in the fresh air. Walking (movement) will concentrate your thoughts and increase your creativity. Tate states: “No matter what you do, the important thing is to warm up. A five-minute break can be even more effective than a half-hour break if you include movement.”


And sometimes it’s better to do nothing at all. Maura Thomas, author of “Work Without Walls,” advises that during a break, instead of rereading the to-do list for the day, you should engage in meditation or simply relax and take a deep breath.

“Such techniques will help you cheer up, whether you have two minutes or 20,” Thomas declares. Better yet, dream while looking at the greenery outside your window. According to studies, such “green” mini-breaks help improve memory concentration and work efficiency.

Take a 30-minute break:

Don’t stay at your desk

Laura Stack, author of “The Exhustion Cure,” recommends taking a brisk walk. Or if the weather outside is bad, just go down and up the stairs a few times. “When you sit at a desk for hours, your energy levels drop. Make the most of what you have: walk to the parking lot or all the floors of the building, use the regular stairs as an exercise machine,” Stack says.

Socialize with your coworkers

Instead of staying in the workplace during your break, it is advisable to walk with your colleagues. Chat with them on topics of interest to you. This will help you relax, take your mind off work, and give you an opportunity to get new information on any issues you need to know. This kind of communication strengthens working relationships and is good for your career.

Write down your thoughts and ideas

And if you don’t feel like going out during the break, just take a piece of paper or a notebook and write down your thoughts. That way you kind of get rid of them, and you can more objectively assess your actions. And if ahead you have a big project, then make notes on a piece of paper about your plans.

Another way to distract yourself from the work process is to take an interesting book and read it. It’s proven that reading is sometimes a better stress reliever than walking and music. It distracts you, calms you down, and makes you forget about your work problems.

Clean up your desk

Another way to relax and unwind while working is to simply clean up your desk. Although some say that clutter on your desk always goes along with creativity, however, chaos and a desk cluttered with papers causes stress and reluctance to work at it. Inwardly, you get the impression that you’re unable to cope with your work. And somewhere under a pile of papers you can’t find the document you need.

We are sure that these simple tips will help you to relax, increase your efficiency and get good final results.