How to touch a girl

How can a light touch push a companion into a warm relationship and unbridled sex?

Human skin is plus or minus two square meters, studded with closely spaced sensor sensors. And there is an entire science – haptikos (not from the verb “hapatikos”, but from the Greek word haptikos – “tactile, tactile”), engaged in deciphering the data that these sensors receive and transmit. Well, for example: one touch of the person of the opposite sex is enough to turn off the mechanism of nervous reaction to stress. “Friendly touches lead to the production of endorphins – such natural opiates in our body,” – explains the touching essence of these facts Kathy Whitehouse (UK), a specialist in massage therapy. It’s your job to learn to make the most of this knowledge.


There are about 3000 sensory receptors in the pad of each finger on the hand. A gentle stroking of even the little finger therefore has serious consequences. Try stroking her fingers slowly. Her reaction will tell you how tonight’s going to end.

If you don’t seem very attractive to the lady, she’ll pull her hand away. But if she starts picking up your fingers back, consider it your best compliment.

” Wrists

According to body language specialist Robert Phipps (USA), women openly show their wrists to a man only when they are interested in him as a potential partner: “If this happens, during a conversation at the table, lean slightly towards her and touch her wrist as if by the way.

Was the touch followed by eye contact? Okay. “But if the lady isn’t interested in you, she’ll squeeze her fingers in her fist and put her hand on the table with her knuckles up,” comments Phipps. – So that’s it.”

Sync and corrections by neck

Remember in the movies, they check your heart rate by putting your hand to your neck? That’s where the heart rate is, it’s scary erogenous. Psychologist Becky Spelman advises: “In a public place, for example, the technique of whispering something to a lady in the right ear and at the same time gently touch her fingers on the left neck. Unobtrusively and effectively.” “If a girl gets a little fussy, starts rubbing her curl, you did the right thing,” continues Shpelman. – But if she does not like your gesture, she will step back and put her hands on her chest.” It’s a sign that you’ll step back too.


Use her subconscious again. Your hand on her shoulder is a gesture of support. The lady senses you’re telling her you can be relied upon, you can be trusted. You’re standing in line together? That’s a good situation.

It’s simple again: if you just put your hand on her shoulder, and she’s already clinging to you, then everything is fine, go on. If she drops her hand (or freezes in terror), don’t go on.

Sync by honeybunny

“If you touch a woman’s back in the right way, she will see you as a leader, and women generally like this trait in men – leadership,” – says psychologist Spelman. For example: when you sneak out in a crowded place, put your palm on her back for a couple of seconds.

She may not pay attention to it, but you do not panic: it means she is so normal, comfortable. But if she’s gonna yulk her hips to get out of custody, then take it as a given: she’s not ready to be a slave yet.


Forearms are an easily accessible means of establishing close contact without seriously disturbing personal space. Do you point at that person in the conversation or at that tower? Take the girl by the forearm to point her gaze where it should be.

“She may not pay any attention to that touch at all,” says Robert Phipps, “but her subconscious will do its work. One study says that girls are 23% more likely to communicate with those who take them by the hand like this.

Sync by honeybunny

No, don’t grab her chest. You have to walk up to the girl in the back, as if to wrap your hands around her, so that the palms are on the sides of her breasts, not on them. Just don’t do that on the first date, wait at least for the third one))).

If she tensed up and froze in return, open your unnecessary hugs. But if she stroked your elbow and doesn’t seem worried, that’s good. That’s what Phipps says.


“Touching the hip, just above the knee, is called a gesture of cheering, soothing,” says Phipps. It’s good when you know she’s had a bad day, or you see that she’s worried about something. The main thing is not to grab, but to touch a little and for a while.

Ideally, she’ll put her hand over yours. She won’t? There is another possibility, even more ideal: in a minute or two she will put her hand on your thigh, and mirror gestures, as you know, speak about sympathy and interest. All the more so.