How to tuck men’s jeans correctly – secrets and fashion trends

Even men are well aware that regular closet renewal requires serious financial investments, and sometimes even time expenditure. But modern fashion trends are characterized by democracy and loyalty. Today it is not necessary to spend hours in search of suitable clothes and huge amounts of money to buy expensive brands. Surely, in your closet you will find several pairs of your favorite jeans.

He offers to figure out how to tuck jeans beautifully and give them an extraordinary look.


1 How the fashion for tucked jeans appeared

2 How to tuck jeans tight for guys and other nuances of a stylish element

2.1 Stylist’s advice

3 How to tuck wide jeans to become skinny

3.1 Techniques for performing tuck-ups on straight jeans

4 The most popular ways to tuck jeans

4.1 Regular or single cuff

4.2 Wide cuff

4.3 Triple thin cuff

4.4 Thin double cuff

4.5 Tapered cuff

4.6 Casual style cuff

5 Why it is fashionable to fold jeans

6 How to wear jeans with a turn-up

7 In conclusion

How did the fashion for folded jeans appear For the first time, the question of how to fold jeans fashionably? America in the last decade of the last century. Previously, the cuffs on trousers were used only for practical purposes – to protect the trousers from dirt and moisture, make shorts out of trousers in hot weather. In addition, cyclists always tucked jeans in order to avoid damage and torn trousers. Today, rolled up jeans are a fashionable element of the image, which is appropriate not only in the wardrobe of a teenager, but also of a more mature man.

This is interesting! In Europe, stylish cuffs on pants are used even by men of venerable age. In addition to such jeans are moccasins or top-siders. How to wrap jeans narrowly guys and other nuances of stylish element 1. Which jeans are best wrapped. The best cuffs look on: denim-style jeans; pants with a slightly narrow cut; jinos and khaki pants look most harmonious with thin fenders (no more than 2 cm). 2. Which pants should not be twisted. Definitely not worth experimenting with design: pants of classic cut, sports pants, linen pants. This is important! Skinny pants themselves are quite a bright detail of the image, so the cuffs in this case will be superfluous, in addition, from a practical point of view, they are inconvenient and in the process of wearing a leg transfer. 3. Is it worth buying jeans knowingly longer? In this question, you should focus on the shoes that are in your closet. Regardless of the seasonality, the cuffs on pants look stylish only with low shoes. It is interesting! Many people mistakenly think that in winter the twisted jeans look inappropriate. However, this option is quite appropriate in combination with shoes with timberlands or redwings. 4. How beautifully twisted jeans for men. The main criterion – the height of shoes and length of jeans. There should be no gap between the cuff and the upper edge of the shoe, people around you should not see the color of your socks.

Here are some simple recommendations of stylists: The smaller the height, the narrower the cuff width; the width of the wrap also depends on the texture and color of the jeans, for dark enough tight pants the best solution – a double cuff with a width of 4 to 6 cm, light, thin pants can be twisted twice or three times the width of no more than 3 cm; given that we are talking about an informal style of clothes, do not stick to too smooth bending line and the more smooth the cuff. 5. Who should not wrap his jeans. Perhaps there is only one warning – low height, for all other men cuffs can become a fashionable image detail. Stylist’s advice The ideal masculine style implies an individual flap for each pair of shoes. For example, for demi season shoes, the cuff will be lower, and for summer shoes – higher. By the way, in hot weather you can twist your pants harder than usual, but in this case, you should not wear socks.

It is desirable to wrap the pants immediately before leaving the house and after returning to the original appearance of the pants. In this case, the fabric will not crack and the clothes will retain their aesthetic appeal for a longer time. Especially stylish look cuffs, which contrast with the main shade of pants. As a rule, the inner side of the jeans is light, and the upper part is dark – this option is most preferable.

Here are some practical recommendations on how to choose the right style of pants proportionally to the figure: overweight will hide the jeans boyfriends with small lapels; if you want to visually add volume and weight, it is better to choose jeans of bright colors, the cuff can be medium or wide; in the closet in a business style will fit perfectly black jeans slightly narrow cut with narrow cuffs. This is important! Properly twisted jeans in no way shorten your legs, and give the whole image a stylish, unusual note. How to twist wide jeans to become skinny When dealing with straight, free cut jeans, it is important to give the silhouette a certain gloss and style, so that the image does not turn out too vintage. To do this, you should use the cuffs to slightly tape the pants. A few practical recommendations: slightly tape the pants can only be on the jeans of straight cut or slightly flared models; to use such a technique on the pants of very loose cut is not necessary, otherwise the image will turn out ridiculous, the perfect roll on jeans should be combined with the style of the whole image. Techniques of rolling on straight cut jeans Given that free cut pants are the most popular in men’s closet, many are interested in the question – how to twist the wide jeans. In fact, to turn a straight cut pants in a slightly narrowed easy. 1. Cuffs on jeans of classic, strict cut.

The width of the roll is approximately 5-6 cm, for greater comfort it is better to fix such a wide fold with an iron. Before rolling, you need to make a small fold and only then tuck the trousers. Alternatively, inner, invisible cuffs can be used – they are made from the inside and are also fixed with an iron. 2. Cuffs on thin jeans with a loose fit.

In this case, the width of the tailgate is 2-3 cm, after that a small fold is formed from the inside of the leg, which is shaped like a dart, and then it is enough to make a few tailgate. Such a technique is also perfect for other styles of pants. In addition to this technique, a simpler and more informal method is used – you just need to roll the trouser in a roller. The only nuance that stylists are strongly asked to remember is the moderate accuracy. If the roller turns out to be excessively careless, the whole men’s set will turn into a childish image in the style of Tom Sawyer. Regardless of the chosen style of jeans, it is necessary to keep moderation while creating cuffs. A lane that is too high will give the impression that you plan to wade across the river. If you want to match your jeans with cuffed socks, note that you should not see a bare foot. This is important! Classic cut pants usually do not flip, but even in this case, there are options if a small cuff is provided with a pattern and made in the studio during sewing. The most popular ways to wrap jeans

There are six ways to twist your jeans in style: regular or single cuff; wide cuff; thin, triple cuff; thin double cuff; narrow cuff; casual cuff. Normal or single cuff

A simple spin is used on jeans of any cut and rankings. Technique of execution – a single flap of the trouser to a width of 2-2.5 cm. Can be worn with classic boots and any shoes of wide cut. Wide cuff

It is a common analogue of a single cuff, but its width varies from 4 to 8 cm depending on the height of the person, the style of pants and the height of the shoe. It is best worn with slightly narrowed pants, denim-style jeans and straight cut jeans. The best choice of shoes is massive and high enough shoes. This is important! This option is not suitable for chinos, and men of short stature should refuse it. Triple thin cuff

In this case it is enough to order the pants three times for a width of 1-1,5 cm. The width of each tailgate is the same. This option is suitable only for one style of jeans – a narrow cut, as on the pants of another style to perform a triple narrow neckline is impossible. Complement the image of moccasin, sneakers or sandals. Thin double cuff

The width of the cuff is from 2 to 3 cm, is performed by the method of double wrapping. The peculiarity of the technique is that the edge of the jeans with contrast stitching is hidden. To make a cuff, it is enough to twist the pants to a width of 2-3 cm, and then repeat the flap a few more times. This method is preferable for jeans straight cut pants slim fit. In the case of tight jeans, this option is not suitable for tight jeans, because most likely there will be a feeling of tight legs. The shoes will suit a variety of shoes – sneakers, suede derby, top-siders, sneakers shoes chukka. Slim cuff

This option differs from all of the above with a single detail – the extra part of the leg is folded in a double layer to artificially nick the pants, and then turns around twice more. This technique is suitable only for free cut jeans, that is for pants, where there is an extra fabric. Optimal choice of shoes – flip-flops, boots, sneakers. Cuff in casual style

This cuff technique is the most informal, in order to make a careless flip-flop, you need to twist the trouser 3-4 cm wide three times, if the pants are made of light fabric, they can be twisted four times. Shoes will fit mostly light and summer – loafers, sneakers, sneakers. Why is it fashionable to twist jeans Modern men’s fashion suggests in the image of a certain carelessness, freedom, expression of personal identity, which is why the twisted jeans are relevant among men of different ages. In addition, this element of the image is practical – in the summer season you can adjust the length of pants, adjust their shape and cut. Another argument in favor of practicality – after the purchase you do not need to go to the atelier and flip your jeans if they require it. Now it takes only a few minutes to transform traditional jeans into a fashionable image element. With what to wear jeans with a flip-flop Flip-flop jeans combine perfectly with a variety of clothes, as, however, and regular pants. The most relevant such an image in spring, summer and early autumn, but with an appropriate choice of closet reception with a cuff can be used even in winter. In warm seasons, thin blue jeans or linen pants can be complemented with cruise details, such as calico and loafers. For autumn, a loose sweater and medium height boots are the best choice. For a more sporty look, sneakers and a jacket of fine knitted fabrics will suit. Any of these looks will be a great solution for a stylish man.

Here is a list of what jeans and sprouts harmonize with: slips (barefoot, socks are not acceptable); thimberlands and winter image revolutions (the lapel is located strictly above the upper edge of the shoe, the foot should not be visible) jacket with similar massive cuffs, a shirt with sleeves three honor, stylish jacket; shirt, sweater and loafers (can be replaced with sneakers); original torn shirt and top jacket.

In conclusion, we hope that after reading this article you will not have any questions about how fashionable and competent to twist your jeans. The main thing is to decide on the model of cuff, choosing it for height, body proportions, pants style. Remember that folding or not folding jeans is a personal matter of every man. Remember that the traditional option of wearing pants – without flip-flops – is still relevant.