How to turn a business suit into a formal one

Let’s not dissemble. Many of us only have one decent suit. This is due, often, not to the fact that there is no money for the second and third, but simply because the suit is not required for work, and the lifestyle does not involve frequent pretentious events. But, nevertheless, you may be unexpectedly invited to some high society celebration. There is only one way out – to wear the very only suit in which you go to meetings. However, if you add some accessories to it, then your image will immediately turn from a business into a solemn one.

Pocket square

This accessory will immediately add style and elegance. The main rules: a scarf and a tie should not be of the same fabric, and it is also necessary that they do not completely match in color. That is, for a gray linen tie, for example, a colorful scarf with a purple, gray and white pattern will suit. Also note that the pocket square should not be cotton, but silk or linen.

An important detail is how to fold the pocket square correctly. There are several ways to wear this accessory, but most often it is a triangle protruding from the breast pocket 1/3 with the point up.


It is very appropriate to wear cufflinks for a festive event. No, don’t use precious stones – it’s bad taste. Also, you do not need to wear cufflinks in the form of cars, dice, cartridges and other things. Strict, white or yellow metal cufflinks will do. It is important to remember that the color of the metal should match the color of your wedding ring. In addition, if you put on cufflinks, then the watch should be with a leather strap, otherwise you will be like a Christmas tree. Any emblems or soft decorative stones are acceptable. Neat and discreet cufflinks add completeness to your look.

Bow tie

Bow tie looks most impressive and appropriate at a festive event. This accessory will add elegant humor to your look. A bow tie can be made from different types of fabric or wooden. You can tie it yourself or buy it with a ready-made knot. Special clamps and clamps are also sold.

As with a regular tie, color matching is extremely important. The option – a white shirt and a black bow tie is suitable for extremely special occasions when the black tie dress code is indicated in the invitation. For less formal occasions, you can pair bright colors. For example, an orange bow tie, a gray suit, and a white shirt. Or try this: a burgundy bow tie with the same dark gray suit, but with a light pink shirt. Butterflies can even be worn without a jacket. Together with the suspenders, it looks very stylish. Just do not forget that if you put on suspenders, you need to take off the belt, they are not friends together.