How to understand life and become happy?

Our whole life consists of racing for money, career and other household chores, although we want to be happy the most. How do we make sense of our lives and be happy? “Sometimes you have to fight for happiness even with yourself.” Pride and prejudice Certainly money and happiness are connected, but not as much as we used to think. Life is too short to link happiness only with money, an apartment, a car or other symbols of well-being.

How do you understand life and become happy?

1.Happiness is inside every person. If you are unhappy on your own, no one and nothing will make you happy. Find yourself and what makes you happy. How do you figure out what makes you happy and what makes you happy?

2. It’s impossible to be good for everyone. All our lives we’ve been trying to please others. So, everyone can talk about us well. But it’s better to be incomprehensible to others than to be unhappy to please others.

3.Thank you for the little things in life. Fate sends us many good and pleasant things. But we do not pay attention to how often we are lucky. How do we get what we’ve wanted for a long time or easily get out of trouble? Thank you for all the little things and small victories that fate brings.

4. Don’t complain and don’t whine. We are so used to complaining about everything that we do not notice it. The world is unfair, but nothing will change unless you whine. Stop being angry with the world and people around you. Start changing yourself and overcoming obstacles.

5. All meetings are not random. Betrayal of the other half and friends. Everything in life happens for a reason. These are life lessons that should have been passed.

6. Don’t take it personally. Often, we like to twist ourselves up when we should have just smiled sadly and forgotten. Is it worth slicing through in vain over something that doesn’t depend on you?

7. You can’t achieve perfection. Perfectionism ruins all happiness and satisfaction in life. The best has always been the enemy of the good. Don’t try to chase ideals and strain yourself as hard as you can. Relax and be happy. How do you understand life and be happy?

8. Follow your dreams. You can only be happy when you’re moving towards your dreams. Only dreams can make us feel truly alive and happy.