How to understand yourself? Ask yourself questions

The hardest thing in life is to understand yourself and not get confused in routine. How do you find your way in life and how do you realize yourself? Where to go and what to do? How do you become happy and achieve your desires? How to set goals and achieve your dreams? Maybe it’s time to change your life for the better? “If you think you need to change something in this life, you don’t.” Writer Rinat Valiullin Stop kidding yourself that you are satisfied with your life and position.

Are you sure you are going in the right direction and moving towards your dreams? Or are you getting further and further unhappy every day? How do you understand yourself and find your way in life? Ask yourself questions. Asking the right question is already half the answer. These questions will help you find life reference points, which will shine like a lighthouse of Alexandria. It’s time to move towards dreams, not to wait forever for a miracle and a gift from fate. Nothing just happens. Everything has to be fought well. Spit on the routine of problems and promise yourself a happy dream. It’s never too late to change everything. How do you figure it out?

Ask yourself questions. How do you sort yourself out?

“We keep track of time by events and changes within us. Not by years.” Charles Dickens. What would you do if you knew it would work? Often, we’re afraid to follow our dreams, come up with excuses and put everything on hold. But what would you do if you knew it was going to work?

If your dreams are achievable and real, then why don’t you do something?

Are you afraid to take risks, are you lazy or do you not believe in yourself?

And what excuses do you have not to follow your dreams?

To be a champion, to find excuses, is extremely stupid. Look for better ways to solve things. What are you passionate about and what do you like? What hobbies and passions are you attracted to? What do you want to do most if you do not pay attention to lack of time or money?

By immersing ourselves in your favorite pastime, we find a piece of ourselves. We get happier. Maybe it’s time to get your hobbies and hobbies out of the far corners of desire?

What are your hobbies and what do you like? Who are you jealous of? Show someone you’re jealous of, and I’ll tell you what you want. We’re always jealous of people who want something for us. They can have jobs, personal relationships and success in life that we want too. But we may not succeed when others manage to do more. As a result, we envy other people, even though we don’t admit it to ourselves. What are the best and most precious memories? The answer to that question tells us what you care about in your life. The best memories are always about the main events in life. How you spent time, who you talked to, what you did and where you were. That’s when you realize that things are different from what you thought they were important. Expensive moments in life will have little to do with work or money.

What mistakes have you made and are still making? “It’s not a big deal to make mistakes. It’s all about making mistakes every time.” Ilon Mask We like to step on our favorite rake that breaks the forehead. It’s one thing to face a problem the first time and not be ready for it. You take the experience out of it, you learn and you grow. And what if you make one mistake over and over again? There’s something wrong with that. You clearly have to learn from mistakes, not waste time and energy on them 100 times. What does your perfect day and life look like? How do you figure out what you’re doing? What do you have to do to feel good about yourself? What’s the perfect day of your dreams look like? What do you do, where do you go, who do you communicate with and how do you behave? Is the perfect day far from real? But now you know what you want out of life. You know what you should strive for and what you should work on. What does your perfect day and life look like?

What is it that annoys you in people?

Often, we hate in other people what we sometimes find in ourselves. That’s how you can find your weaknesses, weaknesses and complexes. People’s irritating traits are an indicator of your values and references.

What do you dislike about your life and yourself?

It’s time to get better. Get better. What are you proud of?

Make a list of your victories, achievements and successes. What have you been able to achieve in N years? Write down your victories scrupulously in your notebook and reread them again. You’re not as bad as you think you are. You’ve got something to be proud of. You’ve done a lot of things and gone far from the starting point. The height of a man’s achievements is measured by the level of his endeavors. It will raise your self-esteem and inspire you for new exploits. If your life is a movie, then how do you want to continue it? Imagine that your life is a movie. What kind of movie would it be? How would it develop?

What kind of change would happen to you in the near future? What would the hero of the movie do and what turns of fate would he take? It certainly wouldn’t be a boring movie about life and grey. It’s time to be the director of life and its actor at the same time. How do you figure yourself out? What are you excited and inspired by? How do you understand yourself and your life? The car genius Henry Ford claimed that ideas and thoughts are in the air. Catch them. What kind of events inspire you? What kind of actions light a fire in your heart and soul? Try to do more of what the soul lies in. What makes you happy even on ordinary and grey days?

Which people do you like and which ones push you away? You talk to a lot of people, but you don’t get along with everyone. Some people you like and others you push away. Some people make us smile, happier and better. When others only upset, upset and drag us into a swamp of failures. Choose who you talk to and spend time with. Choose who you grow up with and feel good about yourself. A person is the average of the closest five acquaintances with whom he communicates most. What do you miss in life? Sometimes we feel like we’re missing something. For happiness, we lack a couple of puzzles to feel full satisfaction in life. To paint life with all the colors you need something specific. People want to get in shape, get their personal life together, change jobs or do something new. And what pieces of the puzzle do you lack for a complete picture of happiness?

What are you willing to give up to achieve your dreams for? We all like to talk about dreams as the best. But what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it? To get out of the comfort zone? Moving to another city? Leave your job? Start a new life? To get out of a bad relationship? Get an education? Learn a new profession? Spend all your time on something new? What are you willing to give up to achieve your dreams for? Are you willing to take a chance or is your dream not worth it? Then why is the dream so weak? And if the dream is worth it, then why don’t you do anything?

What will you regret in your old age?

In old age, you can see the past in the palm of your hand. We assess the path we’ve travelled, the decisions we’ve made and our lives. At this point, we’ll surely be sad that we haven’t done a lot of what we wanted. We will regret spending a lot of time at work, communicating with toxic people, rarely declaring our love, rarely traveling, chasing money, getting few impressions, and not valuing really important things. What will you regret in your old age? Write it down in your notebook. Now read it again. Are you sure you don’t want to try to make this a reality and risk it right now? How do you figure it out? Ask yourself questions.

How do you figure it out?

Use the clues above, ask yourself the right questions, and the answers will come. Try to answer all the questions you’ve asked in writing. When you see it on paper or the phone screen, but it’s different. It’s getting clearer, clearer and clearer. It’ll be like a plan that’s left to come true. But if you know what you want, there will be ways to achieve it. It’s never too late to change everything. It’s never too late to know who you are or where you’re going. Deal with yourself and be happy. It’s never too late to achieve the dream you want.