How to wear a men’s down jacket

Pay attention to this current item of clothing for the season Autumn/Winter 2020. You probably remember that in the 1990s the down coat was the hallmark of influential people from the hip-hop subculture. Despite the fact that these clothes were recognized by street fashionists, they have never been the subject of high fashion. It has been so until now. Until the Parisian designer Demna Gvasaliya destroyed the code of high fashion rules. This rebel made his name on the compromise between street fashion and high fashion, he took street clothes to a really high level. Last year, he took hoodie to the couture level, and this season, this Georgian-born infante is going to do the same with a down jacket. And he is in good company – down jackets of voluminous silhouettes and muted flowers were presented in their collections Balenciaga, Raf Simons and Balmain. They proved that the appearance of down jackets on the fashionable Olympus this season is no accident.

Not everyone can afford to spend nearly £ 2,000 on a Balenciaga down jacket. Especially considering the JD Sports jacket is only $ 90. But everyone can support the trend. The main thing is to appreciate all the advantages of a down jacket for a harsh winter. And you can be fashionable without spending a lot of money on it, however, some knowledge and skills are required. We will help you with this.


1 Appreciate new technologies

2 Twist the collar

3 Maintain balance

4 Pair a down jacket with a suit

Appreciate new technologies

Think about the most important thing first: your winter jacket doesn’t have to be just a part of a fashion look. When cold weather comes, a down jacket is the most necessary thing. It is light, but at the same time it warms well. You can wear it to go wherever you want – whether on a weekend out of town or to work. Renowned outdoor pros Moncler and Canada Goose have always offered down jackets to their customers, regardless of current fashion trends.

Choose an airy jacket of wool, polyester or nylon fabric filled with duck or goose down is the lightest and warmest option. The best models for autumn/winter 2020 are a quilted Descente down coat, a Beams Plus bomber jacket and a Canada Goose ripstop down jacket.

Screw the collar If you choose practicality, do not forget about beauty. It is no secret that down jackets often have a baggy silhouette, as you will have to work hard to make your winter look more attractive and less heavy. What is the solution to this problem? Another bright autumn/winter 2020 trend comes to the rescue – a sweater with a high collar that turns away. Use the weight and texture of the knitted collar to bring variety to your silhouette. The sweater fits perfectly with tight jeans and fairly rough boots. The Ralph Lauren Purple Label with jeans and a pair of versatile boots from George Cleverley is a magnificent image. This image will be complemented by a cashmere turtleneck sweater from Tom Ford.

Keep the balance

The latest technology in clothes is great, but you don’t have to look like you’re going to conquer Everest when you just go to the office. Avoid bright or neon colors – they look great in catalogs of outerwear for outdoor activities, but not too appropriate in everyday life. Choose more subdued colors – black, khaki or brown look good – they can be combined with any clothing. Do not forget about the silhouette. If you choose a shortened bomber jacket, rather than a quilted coat, you don’t want long t-shirts, hoodies, or voluminous sweaters looking out from underneath.

Combine a down coat with a suit

Take on the fashion potential of a down coat by wearing it over a suit during a working week. We combine a suit with sneakers and backpacks, so why not combine it with a down jacket? You’ll be the person your colleagues envy, because the road to work you spent in warmth and comfort.

The Canada Goose brand is an expert in keeping people warm and looking beautiful. You can wear their jackets with anything you want. And they are so warm that you do not have to wear many layers of clothing. On weekdays, they can be combined with a suit from Paul Smith, Emma Willis shirt and Rag&Bone scarf. Just choose neutral colors – blue, gray, black, and a minimum number of brand labels. Do not hang up with chains and chains and do not combine the down coat with Timberland shoes.