How to work efficiently and keep up with everything?

There are tried-and-true rules, following which you can achieve good results in work without compromising your personal life. The main thing is not to deviate from the chosen course

Many works have been written by various business gurus about how to work efficiently and still have time for everything. But people continue to be late for work, fail to meet deadlines for projects and are perplexed by how in general it is possible to combine career and personal life.

Nevertheless, there are proven rules, following which you can achieve good results in work without prejudice to personal life. The main thing is not to deviate from the chosen course.

Algorithm of action, not lists

Business coaches often recommend making lists of upcoming cases for a day, a week, or even a year. According to them, such a decision will help to achieve the desired results. However, in the end, it is often the case that the work table is piled with lists of plans that were never meant to come to fruition.

Often these lists only awaken a desire to put things off, especially unpleasant ones. Much more effective on the eve of the day to think through an algorithm of action. Imagine your future day: you are quickly going to work, you arrive at the company, immediately begin to work fruitfully, then you meet with business partners, and after work you have time for personal matters – going to the gym, meeting with friends, a trip to the cafe with your girlfriend. The algorithm of action for the coming day is made!

Work without waiting for inspiration

Many creative individuals often put things off while waiting for inspiration or a more productive state of mind. But time goes by, inspiration is still missing, and things pile up.

You shouldn’t wait for a special state, especially if you need to write a progress report or a letter to a business partner. Many tasks can be done in the normal work mode and avoid the rush.

You can start a new project or begin an important case at any time. The main thing is to do it without waiting for inspiration.

Internet taboo

The Internet has an unpleasant side effect – it forces you to put things off. Social networks, news, Skype distract from work and generate thoughts that are bad for productivity.

It is necessary to close all programs for communication and not to sit on the Internet (except for work issues) until the work is completed.

Believe me, most messages from friends and news are not that important compared to work tasks. The Internet will do you good if you use it only for work purposes.

Use the feeling of hunger

This trick will allow you to focus on work tasks. Get down to business as early as the morning. The office is less crowded and less noisy at this time. After a few hours, you’ll get into productive mode – and then lunchtime will begin to approach. Before you go out for a snack, try to finish your desired amount of work. Feeling hungry will speed you up and help you work efficiently.

In the second half of the day your work capacity decreases, so devote this time to negotiating with partners and communicating with colleagues on work issues.

Get rid of idle conversations

Short conversations with colleagues help distract you from the work routine. They are necessary in moderation to do a reset and relieve some fatigue, reducing the risk of mistakes.

Chat with a colleague at work – this will improve your mood and even help you find new solutions and ideas. But such communication should not take up most or even half of the work day.

Social networking sites to communicate is also unnecessary, as there is a risk not only to reduce efficiency, but also to spend a few useless hours on the Internet.

Set a personal deadline

Almost every office has employees who regularly fail to meet deadlines. They get active and fidgety just before a project is due. As a result, they don’t get anything done and ask for a little more time.

This situation can be avoided. To do this, you need to set yourself a deadline, which should come, for example, a day before the time appointed by management.

Of course, such a decision will reduce the deadline and require discipline, but the result will be worth it – you will begin to do everything in time.

Take into account the hiccups of your colleagues

The hardest working individuals live in a world of people with different values and priorities. You can do the work well and on time, but the colleague with whom you interact, will not complete his part of the work in time, and eventually the delivery of the project will be disrupted.

It is impossible to be insured against such unpleasant situations. But there is a way out – take into account the slowness of your colleagues. Agree with them on an earlier delivery of work. This way you increase the chance that the project will be delivered in time.

If at some point this scheme does not work, do not blame yourself. You’re not responsible for all the slow people in the world. Besides, getting upset is not productive at all.