How to write a vacancy to find the right specialist and not to waste money

Finding the right people is hard work. Especially if you need specialists with a rare set of qualities, not salespeople in a convenience store.

Writing a good job vacancy text only on the surface is easy. You take and write a vacancy → “experience of 100 years, diligence, team of professionals, office, Jubilee cookies, tea Princess Nuri. And lo and behold, the best people slip away, and you are swimming in a sea of applications from office cookie lovers – that’s it – it fails. Question:

So how do you write a job posting so that someone who will make your company a lot of money will respond? Let’s start with the basics.

Determine who you want

The job text is an advertising text which sells the specialist for a job in your company. As you know, good advertising starts with a brief. So if you are an executive, answer the questions:

Who you need to find and what he should be able to do

What tasks the employee will do

What he should not do

How is his working day

What skills will be a plus and what will be a minus?

Who exactly would not suit you

Whether the work involves urgent tasks and how often

Is there a prevalence of creative work or is it all by the instruction

Is it possible to work remotely

What kind of environment will the person work in?

Are there significant differences in terms of conditions, complexity, or pay for similar positions at other companies

What is the situation with the registration of the employee

What can you do to attract the right specialist other than pay, a comfortable office and a “team of professionals

If you are writing a job posting for someone, ask the supervisor or HR manager these questions. From the answers, you’ll have the basis of a text in five minutes.

Copy the questions into a separate doc and use it as a job-writing brief.

Research the target audience.

I’m not asking you to order a million-dollar market research, but it’s still worth thinking about job seeker portraits.

For example, you want a novice programmer who is sitting right now, eating chips and sees your job posting on the screen. Think about what questions he might have at this point: “Who are you? What do you have to do? How much do you pay?”

Try to answer each of these questions in your text. That way you will save the accountant or yourself from unnecessary conversations.

Determine what is interesting and important to job seekers. What of these can you offer?

The structure of the job

Now to the practice.


The title should be informative: the sooner a person understands the nature of the work, the better. Don’t overcomplicate it.


Courier (Yandex.Food)

Japanese chef in the restaurant “Tanuki

Looking for a programmer to work with online stores

PVC windows sales manager

Manager on personnel selection in a building company

To make the title more specific, use two questions: “What to do? Where to work?” Let’s take the usual “sales manager” and name the job informatively:

2. Sales manager (what to do?) – sell real estate. We get it:

“Real Estate Sales Manager.”

3. Sales manager (where to work?) – at the Mariinsky Theater. We get:

“Sales Manager at the Mariinsky Theater.