How wealthy heirs live in Dubai

Sometimes photos of wealthy heirs are confused with shots from the cinema or the life of the eastern “princes” and “princesses”. But this is just the young generation – the most spoiled children of Dubai who do not even think about the amount of money in the wallets of their rich dads. They spend days and nights in luxury that even a European person of monarch’s blood could envy.

An account RichKidsOfDubai (“Rich Kids of Dubai”) has appeared in one of the popular social networks, which, as the name suggests, contains pictures of all the charms of the life of the “golden youth” of the United Arab Emirates.

There are not only yachts and cars, but also the largest diamonds in the world. And besides this, there are also more outlandish components – for example, exotic animals and other attributes of a chic life.

Thanks to income from oil in less than 50 years, the Middle East quickly turned from the region with hot deserts into one of the main economic players in the world.

And now, some of the richest people in the world live in the UAE

In addition, Dubai is the emirate, which has become one of the main places for tourism and business in the world. Which triggered the effect of rapid development and transformation into an expensive oasis on Earth. The result was economic growth, whose indicators increased by a third compared to 2000.

The monarchial al-Maktoum dynasty has a direct relation to such an economic miracle. Namely, its individual representatives who are not indifferent to the fate of their native region.

Among the most famous rich people in the UAE are Sheikh Maktoum himself. It is worth noting that he is the creator of the A1 rally. Sheikh Hamad also plays an important role in the development of Dubai – he is famous for his fleet of vehicles, the number of which is more than 200. The rich man is known for his interesting feature: for every day of the week he has his own car. Since he changes their colors, he was given the nickname “Rainbow Sheikh.”

Another sheikh drowning in money – Mohamed bin Saleiam – is called a man of action. He is interested in motorcycle racing, and is also known as the best pilot in the Middle East. Sheikh was friends with the late Michael Jackson and has a collection of cars, which is estimated at $ 10 million. Of course, the numerous descendants and relatives of the super-rich can afford to “burn through” their life the way they want.

An important contribution to the enrichment of Dubai was made by Sheikh Al-Jaber, an ambitious hotel tycoon who ranks 19th in the ranking of Arab billionaires. Al-Jaber is engaged in the construction of luxury real estate. He built the first hotel in Saudi Arabia and has already taken business outside the Middle East. The life of rich people in Dubai looks like a fairy tale, so many people dream of finding themselves in the place of this golden youth for at least one day.