HTC will release its first fully wireless headphones

Nothing has been heard about the Taiwanese company HTC for a long time, but this does not mean that it has stopped working on new products. HTC continues to develop not only new smartphones, but also other mobile devices and accessories. One such product was highlighted by the US National Certification Corporation, which controls the import of devices into the country. A new product from HTC was spotted on the official website of the department. These are the first completely wireless headphones of the Taiwanese brand. By analogy with other TWS headphones, they come complete with a case that is used not only for storage but also for charging the headphones.

Each liner has a 40 mAh battery and a 400 mAh battery in the case. As a result, the total capacity of the headphones and charging case is 480 mAh, which promises good autonomy. A USB Type-C port is provided for charging the accessory. Looking at the “live” photos of the headphones, we can assume that they will receive touch controls and a small LED, the purpose of which is still unclear. It is possible that it is needed to indicate the charge level of the headphones. The new wireless headphones will probably be called the HTC TWS1. However, we do not yet know when and at what price they will appear on the market. It is only reported that they are likely to be offered in two classic colors: black and white. HTC itself has not yet commented on the upcoming launch of its new accessory.