I want to date a beautiful girl

How do men choose girls? By their pretty face, attractive figure, and other external data. Men, in 80% of cases, fall for the beauty of the girl. But is it right to be guided by the physical data of a girlfriend? How does a woman’s beauty relate to a good relationship and a man’s happiness? When you are rich, young and successful, you can choose from thousands of models and beauties. But when you’re an ordinary guy, the search for the other half turns into a difficult choice, but a thorough search and persistent conquest.

The simpler, poorer and more ordinary you are, the harder the puzzle of finding your other half becomes. Do you keep saying that you only want to date the beautiful and perfect girl? It is possible to find an awesome hottie, but you will have to actively fight with other competitors by offering something to the girl in return. Usually these are material plushies. Romantic tricks, love on a silver platter and other nonsense, do not quoted by modern beauties.

The modern world is such that a girl’s main commodity is her beauty, which she wants to sell at a higher price. And men’s “beauty” is money, resources, career and power. These are very real and tangible things. Do you want a prettier girl? Start earning more money and get a higher place in the social hierarchy. That way you can count on girls of a higher class: face, height, figure, tuning. You’ll be able to like, or rather buy yourself a “toy” of the female sex more expensive.

It all looks cynical, but it’s true. This is modern adult life. Don’t believe me? Look at people making good money and their female companions. Girls are always beautiful, even if the men are sleazy and even nasty. I’ve seen plenty of scoundrels and scoundrels who had girls of angelic beauty. Why do beautiful girls date ugly scoundrels? They are rich. That’s the norm of modern life.

A girl’s beauty and her value What should a man do? Buy a prettier girl or choose a girlfriend in some other way? Everyone decides for himself. For some reason, most men prefer pretty chicks to smart or character girls. It seems that if there is money, then you can choose the perfect girlfriend? It’s not that simple. The prettier the girl, the more difficult it is to deal with her. Pretty girls are used to the fact that men please them, and therefore do not always behave adequately. They are more accustomed to demanding than to find interaction with a man through affection, kindness and love.

Over the years there is a psychological deformation of beauty, and as a result, the girl does not make the man happier in life. More problems, nervousness and other problems in the relationship. It seems strange, but look at families like this. The prettier the pretty girl, the less strong and less happy the relationship. There is a lot of temptation when everyone falls for the pretty girl. It all usually ends badly: scandals, cheating, breakups.

Does that mean you have to go out with ugly girls? That’s not really a good option for men either. Men should change their approach and strategy when choosing a girl.

It’s time to stop looking only for girls of perfect beauty. Look around you. Look wider and deeper, not just at the face, chest size and figure. Sometimes a girl’s character traits can easily outweigh her not always imperfect appearance. A girl who is funny, kind, gentle, optimistic and in love with you? Such a girl will make you happy sooner than a barbie with only perfect looks but a dubious and demanding character. Is it worth dating a pretty girl if that’s her only perk? Is that all she has to offer you? Then it’s unlikely that she’ll make you happy.

After all, a girl is more than just an outer shell. And a man is more than the size of his wallet. I want to date a beautiful girl! How often do we hear this from men? I want to find a well-established man! That’s usually what girls say. We men are too focused on women’s model beauty when girls are overly concerned about men’s wallets. Where are we going and is everyone satisfied with the modern marriage market?

Some sell out for more money and pretend to love in return. Someone buys a hottie and thinks he’s loved not for the money. And someone just loves without it all.