If your hands are still reaching for sweet

If you can’t stop reaching for a bar of chocolate or if all you want is to bite into an enormous cream cake or if candy beckons with its fillings – be sure to read this article.

  1. Irresistible craving for chocolate usually indicates a lack of magnesium in the body. The content of magnesium in chocolate is quite high, so if you constantly dream of a bar of chocolate, it is worth buying a vitamin complex with magnesium at the pharmacy. This will reduce your craving for sweets.

  1. Often the sweets are imposed on us by big stores, where the choice of candy and cakes are scattered eyes, and the smell of fresh baked goods spreads around the store. So before you go to the store, determine what you need to take and just bypass the department with sweets. Yes, it’s not easy. But you have to try.

  1. Green tea is your friend. Not only does green tea have healthy antioxidants, but it also reduces cravings and dulls your appetite.

  1. If you ignore breakfast, why not? You should. A solid breakfast helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, so during the day you won’t be bothered by sweet cravings. So try not to skip breakfast.

  1. Water. If you are hungry and a candy bar promises to satisfy your hunger, don’t believe it. In fact you will only feel full for a few minutes, but pretty soon the hunger will overtake with renewed vigor. Therefore if you don’t have a possibility to have a proper snack it is better to have a glass of water. Water will fill your stomach and the feeling of hunger will disappear.