Ilon Musk’s company started producing TeslaMic karaoke microphones

This week Tesla electric-powered car owners in China received a new upgrade that includes a karaoke feature. In parallel, Tesla brought the TeslaMic microphone kit to the Chinese market for 1,199 yuan, the equivalent of 188 USD. The set includes two microphones for karaoke. It can be purchased exclusively in the PRC. The automaker says nothing about TeslaMic appearing in other countries.


The microphones in the kit are automatically connected to the system. They can be used not only in the car. WSJ journalists claim that all the microphones were sold out by Chinese motorists on the day of the sales launch.

It is worth noting that in Asian countries karaoke is among the most popular entertainment services. Data from iiMedia Research Group show that by the end of 2021, the audience of Chinese online karaoke services reached 500 million people. Thus, residents of Asian countries really love to sing. The Chinese are no exception in this respect.