Ilona Mask’s Starlink has the first users in the UK

Starlink began recruiting beta testers living in the UK in early December. In the first days of 2021, testers received equipment from SpaceX (antenna, router, bracket and cable) and showed it on Reddit. There is no official confirmation of the start of testing from Ilona Mask yet. Beta testers also shared the financial terms of the deal.

The price of the set of equipment is 439 pounds, 54 pounds is shipping and 89 pounds – a monthly subscription. Broadband access speed during the beta test is guaranteed at 50-150 Mbps with possible short outages. The number of beta testers is not disclosed.

There are now 960 satellites in the Starlink system. The service is already available in the US and Canada, in the coming months Starlink will work in Greece and Germany, and then in Australia. India and Colombia are also on the list where Starlink will appear in 2021.