Image of a stylish man: what attracts women?

In choosing their style, all men are guided by dozens of considerations. Part of the wardrobe elements is designed to give an image of solidity and form an appropriate attitude among business partners. Other components are aimed at emphasizing the taste of their owner, and such a feature is highly appreciated in modern society. woman looks at the man Naturally, the image of a man cannot consist only of those qualities that other people like.

But here to help make a positive impression of the elements of your appearance just have to. Especially when it comes to communicating with the beautiful sex. The first impression is made by the appearance with all its components. The elements of male image offered here are based on surveys of women of different ages and social niches, as well as feedback from ladies on forums. Most of the opinions were related to the items that we present below.

Those who seek to be in the center of women’s attention, it is worth taking these characteristics for a note. man, in a blue suit TOP-10 important components of the masculine image in the eyes of a woman Stylish shoes made of natural materials According to the data of surveys, the first thing a woman pays attention to when meeting a man is his shoes. It is on her beautiful sex is able to determine the main qualities of its owner and, of course, to decide whether to continue acquaintance with him. men’s shoes on blue laces So, for example, an infante who lives with his father and mother, often wears socks and sandals.

The male enthusiast is distinguished by sneakers and skinny jeans. But suede shoes speak of the narcissistic nature of the owner. Attractive models of women called: classic shoes, oxfords, shoes, made in the style of sports classics, shoes model chukka, envelopes, fashionable boots. stylish images of men’s suit with excellent fit This thing can be made to order or purchased at the store.

The main thing here is that it fits perfectly on a man’s figure, without wrinkling and without excessive tightness. man, in different classic suits Women like strong sex, who not only have an expensive suit, but also know how to wear it, clearly knowing when and where it will be appropriate.

Ladies find a man in a suit attractive, but not on their first romantic date. Men’s rankings This model of trousers attracts ladies, by the way, like men themselves, with its universality. They look bright and fashionable in any image. The ideal format is when they are slightly rolled up in such a way as to bare a part of the ankle. Men’s chinos pants And even more delightful is this model in olive and sand shades.

That’s why Cheenos can be a good alternative to regular jeans. And you can wear them both in the office and on an evening walk. If jeans, then with a light shirt Those who do not want to part with jeans, girls advise to combine them with a light (better – white) shirt. men in light shirts and jeans Do not forget about the quality of jeans.

Lightweight natural trousers harmonize well with a thin shirt and in addition to everything – indispensable in hot weather. However, baggy pants are not appropriate here. Maximum effect is achieved if the shirt is slightly fitted. Classic shirt with rolled up sleeves and tie Such a combination speaks about employment and business man, and thus about his success and demand.

For some of the women interviewed, this combination is a challenge to both society and the beautiful sex. Jackets with a triangular neckline This product gives sophistication and grooming to men, attracts the attention of women.

According to the girls, the most successful with such a cardigan will be a combination of tie and shirt, which will have a contrasting shade. Stylish men This season, men’s blouses of grey color were especially popular. If in the business clothes of men ladies traditionally welcome different types of shirts, in everyday – bright t-shirts. men in T-shirts Here lead the models with V-neck and henley style.

They do not differ much from classical variants, the main feature of the latter is the presence of buttons that can be easily unbuttoned. Unusual gate shape makes men in women’s eyes strong and stylish.

Men’s T-shirts with v-neck Bright T-shirts harmonize well with any way, it is important to choose the right shade and other details of the wardrobe with which you intend to wear this product. No socks If we are already talking about the direction of casual, the important and attractive thing for women in it is the absence of socks. men’s shoes without socks It used to be obscene to bare ankles.

Today, rolled up tight trousers and shoes in the same style will be a great alternative to other free styles. Actual accessories In this case, it is important not so much the cost of a particular piece of jewelry, as its harmonious combination with your image. Of course, an expensive watch or a gold chain looks very stylish. But even Swiss watches will be inappropriate with a sports suit.

Men’s accessories Groomed face and hair Commenting on their requirements for the appearance of men, ladies give an important role to a smoothly shaved face or a well-groomed beard. It is important that it is neat. Otherwise it loses its meaning. man and woman the same apply to men’s hair. Girls don’t accept too long strands on a man’s head. Just like the ones that are too short.

Beautiful sex gives preference to those cavaliers who have a stylish haircut on moderate length of hair. Properly selected hairstyle can significantly increase your popularity among women. men’s haircut This is not a complete list of the main qualities of the external male appearance, which women always pay attention to. Therefore, the desire to like girls can be based on following these simple rules.