Important accessory: how to choose a men’s belt

Unfortunately, there are few accessories available for men that can bring some variety to the everyday image. Men’s fashion is much more conservative, so the stronger sex does not need to change the wardrobe often.

This fact forces them to be more careful with their choice of things. Some may carry the same belt for 15 years, while others have a whole collection of belts in different styles and colors. So how can you make the right choice and buy a worthy item with which you will be inseparable for several years?

Types of men’s belts

If not to go into detail, there are only two main styles of clothing – classic and casual. And the belt is no exception to that. So how do they differ? In order to find out, it is necessary to understand one principle – all classic things have strict forms, cut, restrained colors and a small number of details.

Style casual, or informal style, is able to reflect your individuality, and therefore implies an unusual form, material and bold colors.

How to choose a leather men’s belt

Classic men’s belt

Width: more than a casual, informal belt.

Colour: brown or black.

Material: leather or synthetic leather.

Buckle: Silver, sometimes golden or copper. Should be small in size and rectangular in shape.

Everyday men’s belt

There are restrictions here except in your fantasy or taste. The belt can be woven, fabric, rope or with an unusual print.

How to pick up a man’s belt…

Any leather product must first be checked before purchase. After all, everyone knows the rule that the quality of the material of the product, the better the thing looks and the longer its life.

How to choose a leather belt for men? Simply use your fingernail on the inside of the belt. If the mark remains, it means the leather is soft and of high quality. Old and hard leather will not pass this test – do not take a product made of this material.

Thread sticking out? Poor quality suture? Do not even doubt, such a belt is unlikely to serve you for a long time.

How long should a man’s belt be…

How do you determine the size of a man’s belt?

It is quite difficult to determine the size of a man’s belt, especially if it is chosen as a gift and of course without the participation of a man.

The following tips will give you the right guide:

Take the size of your jeans waist and then increase it by a couple of points. For example, if you wear (or the recipient of the gift wears) size 34, you should choose a belt size 36-38. Please note that this size is calculated in inches, but it is useful to know this size because most good brands that make belts are American.

In our stores, you just need to translate inches into centimeters by multiplying by 2.54. So it turns out that a size 38 is about 95 centimetres.

You also need to remember the length of the tail when it’s fastened: for the classic version, it’s about the size of the thumb, and for the informal version, a longer length is also allowed. There is a single rule on how long a man’s belt should be: the “tail” should not reach the second slut of jeans or trousers.

To summarize: the ideal size would be a belt that meets all of the above conditions and fastens at the third or second hole.

Waist, cm Length, inches Size, Europe International Standard
58 – 67 24 – 26 60 – 65 XXS
68 – 79 28 – 30 70 – 75 XS
76 – 89 32 – 34 80 – 85 S
86 – 99 36 – 38 90 – 95 M
96 – 104 40 100 L
101 – 109 42 105 XL
106 – 114 44 110 XXL
111 – 119 46 115 XXXL
116 – 124 48 120 XXXL