In Italy, 3D homes are printed at the price of a smartphone

The Italian 3D WASP company creates homes printed with a 3D printer. Building a small, 30 square meter building takes 100 hours and requires only two workers.

The company has developed printers that allow the printing of volumetric structures of concrete and geopolymer. At the same time such a house provides minimal impact on the environment, writes

Housing is used for 25% of the soil produced on site, 40% is rice straw, about 25% is rice husk and 10% is lime.

The construction of such a house is economical in heating, light comes into it through a large window on the roof. And the cost of such a home is comparable to a new smartphone, such as the iPhone of the latest model. Yes, a 30 square meter house can only be built by two people in 100 hours.