In Windows 10, the Meet Now feature appears

Microsoft recently released another test build of Windows 10. One of the innovations was the built-in video conferencing feature Meet Now, which test takers have already dubbed the “Zoom killer”. The Meet Now feature allows you to start a video call by creating a link using a special button on the taskbar in the notification area. In this case, accounts in any video conferencing services are not required for either the user or the interlocutor. A link or access code is enough for a conference participant.

You can receive a call either through the Skype desktop client or through the Skype web application in the Edge browser. This way, even without an account, the user can access Skype client features such as call recording or background blur.

Meet Now is expected to become especially popular among corporate users who cannot use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Facetime video calls at work. The feature is currently under closed testing and it is unclear when they will be available to regular users.