Innovative Business Ideas

We have selected ideas for 2020 from a variety of industries to inspire new and experienced entrepreneurs. Among them: non-standard summer entertainment, interesting household solutions and creative projects for those who work with their hands. Inspire, develop ideas and succeed.

Corn Labyrinth

The creation of a corn maze is suitable for lovers of quests. Besides, it is not so difficult to implement. To open a maze: you need to rent a field, build routes, come up with a story and find people willing to take part in an unusual adventure.

Oxygen bar under water

What happens if you rent a room in the city center and fill it with water – oxygen bar. Visitors are immersed in the pool, which imitates the bar’s space where they play, take underwater pictures and drink oxygen cocktails. The idea will be interesting for entrepreneurs from Russian resort cities.

Trolley – purchasing advisor

The competition of global food chains does not do without technology – companies use innovation to simplify the shopping process or reduce costs. One of the latest developments is a smart food cart, which was launched in the Chinese supermarket chain Lotus. It helps you navigate the supermarket, find the right products and find out about promotions.

Projection Navigator

Digital technology in everyday life penetrates into all spheres. Designed for drivers, Garmin Head-Up Display keeps you on the road while you’re driving. The small device attaches itself to a panel in front of you and displays the information you need from your smartphone. The device can be purchased for $130 on the manufacturer’s website.

Smart saucepan

Anyone who cooked something harder than eggs had to throw away a burnt dish or eat sticky pasta. To solve this problem, Hammacher Schlemmer developed a device for automatic stirring. With it, you can put the ingredients in the pot, set the timer and do your own thing.

Bite Helper

What’s wrong with a summer cottage trip or a hiking trip? Insects! American developers have invented a device that helps avoid the consequences of bites. The device, which looks like a pen, neutralizes harmful substances and makes rest comfortable.

Shoe dry cleaning

To clean sneakers at home, you need to buy brushes and detergents for different materials. It’s easier to give them to specialists who will clean, dry and, if necessary, bring your shoes home. The service will be in demand if you use professional cleaners and establish processes. And the opening of the point will require 300 thousand rubles.

Custom-made aquariums

Aquariums are an interior object that relieves stress and helps to relax. They are installed in apartments, offices and waiting rooms. The idea is to develop layouts for individual orders, and corporate customers to offer service. Business does not require large investments and is suitable for start-up entrepreneurs who know how to work with their hands and think creatively.

Author’s dolls

For those connected with needlework, the production of author’s dolls will be a chance to start a profitable business. The idea is to focus not on the mass buyer of dolls for children, but on creating unique batches and collectibles.

Manufacture of aluminium cans

Aluminium is one of the cheapest materials to process, and container production does not require complicated operations. Investments at the start depend on the scale of production. At the initial stage, it is important to choose a market and focus on the production of products with a certain capacity.