Insiders: Sony will lower the price of the PlayStation 5 through Microsoft

Microsoft failed to win the battle for the eighth generation of consoles: the PlayStation 4 became much more popular than the Xbox One. However, the corporation has clearly drawn conclusions and decided to surprise gamers with low prices for the upcoming Xbox Series X and its younger version Xbox Series S. Apparently, surprised not only the players but also the main competitor of the Americans in the face of Sony. The GameReactor portal, citing numerous internal sources from the business space, reports that Sony has already decided to reduce the price of the PlayStation 5 console. Initially, the device was to cost $ 599, and the version without a drive – $ 100 cheaper.

But because of Microsoft’s aggressive move, the company had to completely change its plans. The Digital Edition will cost $ 399, and the regular PlayStation 5 – $ 499. Exactly the same as the Xbox Series X. Apparently, this is why Sony has delayed the announcement date of the cost of its consoles. The company was waiting for Microsoft’s move and was in no hurry to show the high price tag, which was hinted at by CEO Jim Ryan. After all, at one time Sony decided to sell the PlayStation 3 for $ 100 more than a competitor in the form of the Xbox 360. In many respects, because of this, the company could not surpass Microsoft in that generation. Data on the decline in prices PlayStation 5 still have the status of rumors. However, taking into account the information about the state of affairs in previous generations, there is little doubt that Sony will not repeat its mistakes. It’s funny that the authoritative insider IronManPS5 back in June predicted that this is how much Sony consoles will cost – $ 399 and $ 499.