Intel again postpones the release of the new 7nm architecture

In spite of the fact that Intel had plans and even developments in action for a long time concerning the fast preparation and release of the new 7 nm architecture of its processor chips, only now it became clear how much the company lags behind not only its competitors but also its own graphics. It is worth noting the fact that Intel offers a really interesting approach to the deployment of its new chips, and unlike the same AMD-market, seeks to gradually gain the trust of users, thus facing fewer chances that it will have not quite balanced programs and projects aimed at this.

Today, a separate team of developers and specialists from Intel informed the world community that they intend to postpone the final launch of the new 7 nm processors a little – and the word “a little” means a rather long period of six months and more. First of all, the main difficulty is related to the need to launch as thoughtful a campaign to integrate new chips into the current generation as possible, and then Intel spoke about an equally serious problem associated with reducing the number of deliveries of components and sales of its processors due to coronavirus new type.

Not to mention external competition in the person of AMD which absolutely is not going to stop on reached and already gives to users processors with such technical data. Certainly, all this cannot but influence the reputation of Intel company, exposing it in not the most attractive light. On the other hand, in the future, Intel can surprise with its performance chips at the time of their release.

However, there is still a lot of time left until the release date – if you take into account not only the official details from the Intel management, but also numerous insider reports, it becomes clear that Intel will be able to please its fans with new chips not before the beginning of the next 2021, or even much later. On the other hand, the company may have other advantages hidden up its sleeve.