Intel and Canon reported on recent mass hackings

It is now again the season of mass hacking and attempted hacking by many teams of attackers – as the working hours and security of many large and small companies have decreased due to another outbreak of a new type of coronavirus pandemic. Even today, Canon and Intel have told the public about new hackings that have taken place on their servers and cloud storage systems, but in the case of Intel, as the management itself points out, the hack was ordered by white hackers, so it was completely under the company’s control, rather than Canon’s response to this event.

In Canon’s case, the hack itself took place a few days ago and in total affected many user accounts with links to users’ personal cloud storage – so just today the company has officially confirmed the hack, indicating that they are going to investigate the case as soon as possible with the help of cyber security specialists from Maze, which, by the way, had previously been involved in optimizing and improving the performance of Canon’s servers – which is not the case.

As for Intel, the hack is described as fully controlled and previously ordered, but some additional aspects – such as a rather late warning to users about the fact – cannot help but point out that the processor manufacturer’s management can simply be deceiving and tacitful.

In any case, both hacks have already been successfully resolved and all backdoors have been extracted as well – we can only wait for final news from the companies themselves as to how successfully and efficiently they have managed this time to strengthen security measures to prevent such hacking in principle, because the threat from real attackers with very different tools remains.