Intelligence or beauty?

A beautiful woman must be well-groomed. If God gave a woman beauty and she did not save it, it is very sad. Definitely, a smart woman has a wealth of life experience and uses it correctly at the right time. That beautiful women are stupid is just an old stereotype. I know plenty of beautiful and smart women. And I know ugly women who are very smart and happy. Without intelligence, beauty alone won’t get you anywhere in life. I’m absolutely sure of that!

First of all, an intelligent woman has an inner core (inner strength), she likes herself. Surprisingly, a woman’s confidence attracts people like a magnet, they want to communicate with her and learn something new, involuntarily admiring her and her beauty. The ability to keep silent in time is an important quality for a smart woman. Everything must be balanced: stating your position, be sure to listen to the interlocutor, and sometimes, first listen, and then add something of your own. Smart and strong woman is not shy sometimes to show weakness, if the circumstances require it, in addition she is always attentive to the details. Such a woman takes care of herself in order to please herself and others. The very beauty – a relative concept, because people have different tastes, and the woman that seems beautiful to one man, may not seem like such for another. But charming women (regardless of appearance) will be beautiful to all men.

A beautiful woman – well-groomed, athletic, goal-oriented, energetic, with a smile on her face and positive energy! Certainly, she is communicative, interesting in communication and striving for development. In my opinion, a smart woman is the one who supports any conversation, knows how to listen and give practical advice when necessary. She does not do stupid things, it is not peculiar to her. She like a sponge absorbs information from all sides and draws conclusions about what is good and what is bad. Without stepping on her own rake, she continues to build her life by learning from the mistakes of others. I believe the most important thing in a woman is inner charisma, but in a groomed shell. Virtually anyone can be made beautiful, and beauty comes in many forms. I am “FOR” the inner core, for the sincere kindness of the soul, for understanding and faith in loved ones – for me this is a Beautiful Intelligent Woman!