Interiors of private jets

In the 21st century, when rockets are launched and the ocean floor is explored online, a comfortable flight in a private jet is not at all surprising. It is no secret that, for business people, a private jet is not just a means of transportation. It is a real home on board of an iron bird, in which you can and should spend time with benefit and comfort. For the famous and business people flight on a private jet is almost the only opportunity to be alone with yourself and to relax. This time is worth its weight in gold. There is no intrusive paparazzi, no camera flashes. Comfort is especially important when it comes to flights to the other side of the world. There is time not only to think about all the global issues, but also to enjoy the service above the clouds.

There are planes whose interiors would be the envy of the most luxurious homes from glossy magazines. And even if you suffer from aerophobia and are not excited about flying on a plane, believe me, that on such aircraft you would definitely forget about all your fears.

Today, let’s take a look inside the most luxurious private jets. So what lies inside private aviation?

The Gulfstream G650ER

This airliner has an impressive speed of 597 miles per hour. It is at the top of the ranking of the longest-range private jets. Interestingly, the Gulfstream G650ER can easily, without problems, and without refueling fly virtually the entire world. Choose any metropolis: from Hong Kong to Singapore. And go! Moreover, the aircraft has been repeatedly recognized as a speed champion. And, of course, we are unlikely to surprise readers with the news that this flying beauty has gathered the most advanced flight systems, design solutions and extraordinary interior.

Gulfstream G650ER – this is one of those airliners, which conquer not only the technical performance, but also the interior decoration. Let us tell you in detail. For guests equipped with a luxurious conference room, bedrooms, spa- and lounge-areas. If you fly to rest, it begins from the first minute of being in the plane. The cherry on the cake is the ability to control some functions on board. Passengers can adjust the air temperature, control lighting. And even the curtains on the porthole is easily controlled by the passenger with a special application that can be installed on your gadget. Handmade furniture, luxurious leather interior, unique fittings only complete the picture. If someone wants to get such a “bird” for their own use – have to spend. The cost of the aircraft starts at 51 million euros.

Boeing BBJ MAX 7

American Boeing never sleeps. And here it is in front of you – a new luxury aircraft. The design is based on an interesting concept, which will definitely appeal to nature lovers. For example, the ceiling on board is made in the form of a starry sky. Instead of stars – an endless string of twinkling LEDs. Everything, even the color scheme, works to create the feeling as if you are watching a real starry sky. The colors are done in white and blue. It feels as if cottonwood clouds are floating gently over an emerald ocean. Recall, for a moment, that you’re in an airplane.

The Boeing BBJ MAX 7 surprises passengers not only with its bold interior, but also with its good speed: the airliner can reach speeds of up to 530 miles per hour.

The guests are welcomed with designer lounges, well-equipped bedrooms, spacious bathrooms. And a pleasant bonus – you can fly in a big company. The aircraft can easily carry 19 passengers, which is twice the number of similar aircraft.

Airbus ACJ Neo range

European Airbus does not lag behind its main competitors. The corporation presented several private jets, which are able to surprise even the most fastidious passengers. For example, if you dreamed to celebrate an anniversary or a wedding in the sky, the ACJ330neo should be your first choice. This aircraft seats at least 25 people and can fly for 21 hours in the sky. And that’s without a break or refueling! All conditions are provided for a wonderful stay on board. Several bedrooms, conference rooms, bathrooms and even an office. In addition, there is a large room for private meetings and business negotiations. Airbus representatives repeatedly stressed that their business jets are aimed at the most high-ranking audience.

And if you need a compact plane – you can pay attention to ACJ319neo. It is said to be one of the most original small jets. The business jet seats eight people. And it knows exactly how to impress the passengers. For example, with a ceiling with a starry sky projection.

Cessna Citation Longitude and Hemisphere

If you’re a big fan of panoramic views and big windows – we’ve definitely found your plane.

The Cessna Citation Longitude airliner practically glows from inside – and this is not a metaphor. The airplane has 15 impressive-sized windows. Just imagine what a splendid view from the top of the plane the guests can enjoy. In addition to the lavish view, guests enjoy comfortable seats, their own kitchen and a bathroom.

Last year, the Americans introduced the new Cessna Citation Hemisphere. Panoramic windows are like a trademark of these aircraft. The plane seats up to 20 people and can surprise the guests with the widest cabin among similar airliners.

Embraer Lineage 1000E

“It has to be like home on board,” says Jay Beaver, vice president of interior design, confidently. And we don’t even think to argue with him. In an interview, Beaver mentioned that a customer once insistently asked for a fireplace to be installed on board. And Jay would have gladly complied with his request, if it weren’t for safety regulations. Let’s take a look inside the $53 million “bird.

Customers can choose their own plane design, from skin colors to silk combinations. By the way, this plane has one of the roomiest shower cabins imaginable on board. Indeed, a flying living quarters, no different!