Intimate men’s haircuts at home

Men’s short intimate haircuts or bikini design: who needs it? Haircuts in the area of ​​intimate zones – a concept with several meanings. In a broad sense, this is hair removal in the so-called bikini area – on the pubis, in the genital area and on the inside of the thighs. This zone in a man is no less delicate than in a woman. It is very important to maintain her hygiene. Hair can be completely removed or shortened in several ways: a razor, cream depilator, wax, electric epilator or trimmer are used. Intimate men’s haircuts have a number of advantages, they can be done at home without any difficulty and completely free of charge. The selection of the look is also simple, a suitable hairstyle design can be chosen online among photos on the Internet.

Sometimes the expression male intimate haircut is understood to mean a bikini design, which implies absolutely fantastic curly hairstyles on the pubic part, hair coloring, decoration with stones and rhinestones. On the pubis of a man, the zodiac sign, the emblem of the football team and absolutely any symbol can flaunt. Actual are men’s intimate abstract hairstyles. This option of caring for the bikini area is, of course, an amateur, but it is gaining more and more popularity among the stronger sex of various ages, who want to assert themselves in terms of masculinity, impress their partner and diversify their sex lives.

Male intimate trimmer haircuts and their benefits Many women consider hair in the partner’s genital area to be a masculine exciting part. But men’s intimate haircut does not mean the removal of hair completely. The only exception is the type of “Baby”, which implies a clean shaven pubis. Trimmed bikini zone is a tribute not only to aesthetics, but also:
facilitating washing and keeping the genitals and sensitive areas on the body of a man clean; prevention of the appearance of an unpleasant odor caused by bacteria that multiply by hairs in the bikini area; lice prophylaxis; a factor in raising male self-esteem.

Intimate haircut male photo Selection of a suitable hairstyle is not difficult if you study online how this or that look looks in reality.

Male intimate haircut: selection and popular types of simple hairstyles. You can make an intimate hairstyle with your own hands and in the salon. We offer you popular types of hairstyles that can be done at home: Men’s simple intimate haircut involves shaving or hair removal over the pubic area and on the inside of the thighs. On the pubis, the hair is shortened. During a bikini haircut, the upper thighs are removed from the hairline. The goal of creating an “Athlete” hairstyle is to remove the hair along the upper line of the pubis so that it is not visible from under the low-rise underwear. “Accent” – a small square of hair directly above the genitals and a smoothly shaved bikini area. Using a trimmer, you can create any pattern on the pubis, from the image of the animal to the emblem of the car.

Choosing a trimmer for bikini-design at home Of course, men’s intimate haircut in a specialized salon has a number of advantages, including professional selection, hygiene, the accuracy of the master and more. But at home, a pubic hairstyle can be done absolutely free of charge independently or with the help of a partner, then such a “hairdressing session” will become part of a love foreplay. Add fuel to the fire of passion and a joint viewing of examples of bikini hairstyles online. To make a bikini design with high quality and maintain a well-groomed delicate area for a long time, you need a special machine – a trimmer for intimate places. For beginners, the selection will be facilitated by a mini-rating with a description. Ziver 108 is a miniature bikini trimmer with interchangeable tips. The selection of the nozzle depends on the thickness of the hairs. It is powered by mini-finger batteries.

СruZer5 body Braun allows men to depilate the bikini zone, armpits and any other parts of the body. The advantages that this machine has are the ability to select modes depending on the desired length of the haircut, for example, “Automatic trimmer” or “Wet shave” with a blade.

The trimmer for a haircut Valera 625.01 is a men’s kit, the kit of which includes a machine and nozzles for the nose, ears and intimate places. You can learn how to use it using video tutorials online.

If the pubic hair of a man is not too thick, a female trimmer of any model will suit him. What a man’s hairstyle will be in a sensitive area depends solely on his courage and imagination. And the skill of an intimate hairdresser can be improved by watching training videos online. If you liked the article, share it with your friends in the social. networks. And I say goodbye to you, until we meet again!