iPhone 12: 10 major changes in the new “iPhone”

Apple’s online presentation will take place on October 13, where the new iPhone 12 will be presented. We know everything, or almost everything, about the 12th line of iPhones. We have selected the 10 most interesting or expected chips of the novelty. This is support for fifth generation networks. The update is very important for the world of technology, although all competitors already use 5G in their flagships. We in Ukraine are happy about it so far very restrained. Not everything is going smoothly with the implementation of this standard. New screen sizes. After all, we expect as many as 3 different sizes of smartphones. Their diagonals will be as follows: 5.4 “, 6.1” and 6.7 “. A number of models will now consist of four representatives: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max (more detailed reviews of the model on our website). Prices will be very different. You won’t ask much for the Mini version. And the basic version should be, as they say, “in the market”. Here for the Pro version it is possible and to inflate the price. The cost of all versions will vary from 30,000 to 60,000 hryvnias. In this generation of “iPhones” we will have a choice of processor. Save – use a truncated B14 chipset, it does not support 5G networks. And if you collected a whole year for a set of new technologies, then get the top – A14 Bionic. With 5G and some extra chips.

Everything is already known about the new colors. We are waiting for blue and orange. We would take the second option. These colors are chosen by Google for its Pixel. And they look very good. So in the subway car, the color of orange in your hands will look very elegant. But now all manufacturers have blue smartphones. It will also be interesting, but not exclusive. The screen will support picture updates at 120 Hz. Of course, only in Pro Max. But not all the time the phone works, but only when playing the right content. That is, when playing videos or games. Normal use is expected to be 60 Hz. With a constant 120 the battery would settle in 4-5 hours, so this is done for your convenience. LiDAR will be in the Pro version. The new iPad already has it. This depth sensor will allow you to take photos on a new level. Will be useful when shooting portraits, macros and other shots at short distances. There will be no charging included. But not all models. The most expensive will have a quick adapter. And the budget representatives of the line will not even have a standard 1A. So the economical ones remain without 5G and without charging included… The design code is inherited from the latest iPad Air and iPhone 5… Looks nice, but it’s not a design innovation. Although we personally like it. And what do you expect the most in the new iPhone? Every year I wait for a normal battery that will not fail in the winter… But the year 2020 will probably not make such gifts.