iPhone 12 shown in working order

On the expanses of the Network appeared a video, which shows the iPhone 12 smartphone in working condition.

The clip shows the device settings menu, in particular, users will be able to carefully configure various camera modes, including improved night mode, recording video resolution 4K at 120 and 240 f / s active noise reduction, zoom.

Users will also be able to turn the laser rangefinder on and off, and so on. What is equally important is the confirmation of 120 Hz image refresh rate, which should be present in the screen of older Pro versions of iPhone 12.

Naturally, there is no confirmation of the device authenticity in the video. In addition, the neckline at the top of the screen looks very large, and it is this neckline that causes great doubt.

But the author who published this video has a high credibility rating on the Slashleaks website.