iPhone 13 will be equipped with “soft” batteries

New iPhones of the thirteenth series will receive “soft” batteries. Three companies will supply batteries for promising Apple devices at once. This was stated by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is regularly noted by “apple” forecasts. Details According to an expert working for Tianfeng International, “soft” batteries will provide better battery life for iPhone 13. The cost of such batteries is lower compared to existing counterparts, Kuo said without giving any specifics on this score. The batteries in question will be produced by Huatong, Jialianyi (the main battery supplier for the recently debuted 12-series iPhones) and Xinxing.

The second of the mentioned brands, according to Kuo’s assurances, will be engaged in the production of batteries exclusively for the basic and mini-version of “thirteen”. All in all, the iPhone 13 family will include four models. Recall that on the eve of Kuo announced the loss of Jialianyi’s status as “the main supplier of batteries for iPhones.” According to the expert’s forecasts, the share of the Chinese brand will decrease by 20%.